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Apparently within two years a pill which will see us all live to be a hundred will be developed, ground breaking or hokum?

Asked by ucme (46545points) May 14th, 2010

Seems very strange & dubious to me,but what do I know? Educate me or amuse me with your thoughts & opinions on such a story. I mean very unlucky for anyone who’s 99 now or in other words Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend.

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won’t happen but the new cancer pill is working.

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I read an article that said this and to have a pill to do that in 2 years is pretty optimistic IMO…but if and when, that would be a boon for the insurance industry in that they could collect very high life insurance premiums on these uber old people and a bane for social security and really break the bank in a hurry. Most people’s pensions and saving would run out well before their death and the entire world would become a welfare state in no time! Happy Friday!

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@ucme And we’ll have fusion within 20 years! (And have had fusion in 20 years for the last 50 or so)

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Source please.

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@nikipedia Tabasco? BBC news,shit it’s gotta be true!

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Maybe I’ll freeze myself until that day. (This May in Connecticut would do the trick, I think.)

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Mathew Wright mentioned this the other morning honey, and they were all joking about the insurance companies rubbing their hands together with glee. I have to admit I wouldn’t want to live to 100. I’m in my 40’s now and barely coping, god only knows what I’ll be like in 10 years never mind in 60 <shudder> doesn’t bare thinking about. It’s pretty scary really. Everything has its time and to lengthen humans lifespan… well to start with the planet is already overpopulated, it would be catastophic, and as a fellow jelly already said, who pays for all of these elderly folk. Mind you, in the UK they already want us to keep working till we drop off the planet because of the mess of the pensions system. I constantly find myself wishing I lived in the past when times were less complicated and less stressful. ho hum :-D
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl Mr. Rickman replacing Mr. Laurie! Explain yourself woman?

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Sounds like bullshit to me. I don’t think medical science has really found any means to significantly alleviate, alter or even nullify the many ailings which occur with old age aside from gobbling pills that do next to nothing other than make the inevitable wait for death more bearable, so this magic pill sounds like, too magical. I mean even if it’s real wouldn’t it just elongate things like Alzheimer’s or arthritis to monstrous proportions?

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Will we be required to take the damned things?

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@ucme LOL not replace more sort of share :-) I’ve been a Fry and Laurie fan since before I even met hubby, and used to watch this daft wee programme called “moonlighting” and had a major squeeeeeeeeeel thing going on for Bruce Willis, so hubby took me to cinema when Die Hard came out and as soon as I clapped eyes on Mr Rickman it was Bruce who?????? lol lol lol don’t even get me started about Mr Rickman’s voice…. <melts>
huggles xx

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@bunnygrl “Shoot the glass” He says that with such comedic sadism.

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We already have it: Muscadine Grapeseed powder or capsules!

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@ucme have you seen this? Hans Gruber does rap lol. Got home from work the other night only to find Die Hard running on tv, what a great thing to find on tv after a long stressful day, Mr Rickman chewing up the scenery, yum!!

But back to your question, I was thinking, this pill, with the advances they keep making in medicine, would we all utimately be able to keep our faculties, mobility etc some day, if so, then a life lived to 100 that maybe stops the aging process at around 40 ish, that doesn’t seem so bad. You could continue to work, carry on with your life as is I suppose. Again though, what do we do about overpopulation? do they limit people to one child each? do they put a limit on how many children are allowed per generation? there is a really good sci fi novel in this question somewhere.
hugglys xx

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I wouldn’t take it, but, maybe I’d give a ¼ of one to my pets, even out all of our lifespans.
Of course my birds might just live longer than me as it is. lol

Basically my answer is a resounding FUCK NO! I can’t AFFORD to live to be 100, just having fun now before I’m completely old, and broke! lol

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@Coloma, excellent point, I too would like my fur babies to have it, if it meant we could be together longer, although obviously so long as they were in good health.
hugs xx

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