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How do you do you make up in the morning? for school-work-etc.

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6637points) May 16th, 2010

I am just curious to see how other people do their make up and stuff.
Here is mine: for school
wash my face with cleanser
face cream from Nivea Visage
Tinted moisturizer from Nivea
Some bronze powder
eyeliner, but now I am going to start wearing dark eyeshadows too.
And then just some vaseline on my lips.

How is yours?

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I cleanse my face and then but a little eye shadow on and some mascara. Very quick process!

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Usually? Nothing. I prefer sleep to make-up and no make-up gives me 15 to 20 minutes extra sleep. This is not because I look good without it, it’s because I love to sleep!

When I do take the time:

Moisturizer – whatever is in the bathroom, watered down a bit
Bobbi Brown under eye stuff for my dark circles That stuff is amazing!
Stick foundation as cover up on my nose, chin, eyelids & cheeks
Liquid foundation on my whole face
Loose powder
Pale pinkish blush
Eye shadow – usually browns/taupes since my eyes are blue
Dark brown eyeliner
Curl eyelashes and add black/brown mascara. Brush out mascara clumps.
Vaseline as lipgloss. On rare occasion I’ll break out the Clinique “Think Bronze” lipsitck, but my own color is okay.

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Long hot shower, gel shaving cream and shave in the shower, a little of this and that, hair gel and flash out the door! Hear the screams, run back inside, get dressed and flash…out the door!

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I don’t wear make-up except for dates, job interviews and certain special occasions.

Every day, I wash my face with Clinique, use witch hazel or tea tree toner, moisturize with Eucerin for sensitive skin. At night I wash, tone and use a slightly thicker Neutrogena moisturizer.

When I do wear makeup, this is the deal: Bare Escentuals SPF15 mineral foundation (Golden Tan), brown/black eyeliner, brown/black mascara, either Body Shop lip gloss (Raspberry Born Lippy) or MAC lipstick (“Retro” for day, “Capricious” for evening). Blush is a rarity, but I have some, and it’s also from Bare Escentuals (Warmth).

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Ivory foundation (it’s the lightest shade I can find without using corpse-paint),
White powder (optional).
Black & varying shades of grey eyeshadow under eyes (optional).
Black eyeliner (sometimes glittery).
Coloured eyeliner (optional).
Pale pink or lavender lipgloss (optional).
Grey eyeshadow under cheeks (optional).

Other optional make-up may include:
Veins (blue eyeliner across my cheeks & neck; then powdered down).
A bit of pale blue eyeshadow smeared on my lips.
Fake blood (from eyes or lips).
Spray-in temporary hair dye (if I’m pressed for time, I’ll use clip-in streaks).

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Shower, shave, then slather on the SPF-50. I only do eye makeup if I’m feeling particularly outre’ or going to some Goth event.~

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I put on my leopard skin thong…oh sorry wrong thread.
I shit shave and shower and slap some gel in my hair.

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Shower then..:
Moisturize my face.
Curl eyelashes.
Upper Eyeliner.
Bottom Eyeliner.
Lip gloss.
(and a bit of sheer powder if I’m feeling a bit blah)

Pretty simple, to be honest.

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I do not use any kind of make-up what so ever, at any time, and I haven’t except for a very few occasions for my entire life.

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WAsh face with warm water. Wash eyelashes with baby shampoo to prevent styes, put on Kiss my Face moisterizer, then sun block.

Cover the body with either Lavender massage oil or Jojoba oil; put Bacitraicin on cat scratches. Tame hair with dab of conditioner

Admire, in the medicine cabinet. my foundation, blusher and eyebrow pencil, probably now ten years old. Look for Bert’s Bees lip balm. Wish I had my mother’s bone structure.

Seize the day.

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Wow everyone really has their own beauty tricks but I see that mostly everyone uses mascara and eyeliner-women
And shaving too-men

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God it must suck to be a woman in the morning.

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@SeventhSense : MIlo’s beauty routine takes more time than mine. It probably shows.

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@Thesexier I don’t use mascara! It reminds me of spiders….

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@Draconess25 I would have thought you’d like spiders.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I hate them! Except for tarantulas. Smaller spiders can crawl anywhere!

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Draconess25 OK. I thought I’d have to hide my pet tarantula if you came to visit~

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hahaha u guys!:)

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land What I really hate are ants & those tiny red mites! <<shudder>>

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a lot of the time I don’t wear any make up – even to work, just use toner and moisturizer. but when i’m out on a date or meeting with clients or just have someone to impress or if i just wanna play around and be all vain (:p) this is the “loooong” process:

wash with cleanser, use toner, moisturize, make up base, foundation, concealer for blemishes, powder, blush/ bronzer, black eyeliner for upper outer corner and along the bottom, dark green eyeshadow, bronze or subtle shimmery colour “over” green shadow, light “shimmery” colour (pale white or pale gold) right below eyebrow and inner corner of eyes, mascara, concealer for under the eyes and around the mouth, and a sheer pink-ish lip gloss.

tada! 20 minutes and done.

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wow it’s cute @madeinkowloon , I am sure it turns out great:) wHenever you do it cause I really love black eyeliner, Now I wear it with almost everything:)

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Hop into the shower and scrub my hair and bits, shave legs and bits. Whilst in the shower wash my face with Neutrogena face scrub.

Out of the shower: Apply Baby Lotion all over my body

spritz on some Dolce and Gabanna’s The One inbetween my cleavage and on my wrist.

Apply products to my hair. Comb.

Pluck any eyebrow hairs that need to be plucked. Apply Clinque moisturizer, then brush on concealer under the eyes. Apply foundation. Put on eyeliner (grey), mascara for top and bottom, then two shades of eyeshadow.

Lip gloss. Blow dry my hair and out the door I go. :)

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cool, it seems fastt:D

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I am a makeup diva. I wash my face with clean and clear face wash in the shower and apply oil fre clean and clear moisturizer. From there I mix my fit me foundation with some highlighter and apply it all over my face. If I need to I dap some concealer on if I’ve had a rough nite. I use a little pressed powder and then applysome apricot blush to my cheekbones to make them pop and go over that with a little bronzer. Then I apply m eyeshadow either going for sage, purples or silvers. I then line my eyes with black liquid liner or sage eyeliner and curl my lashes before using my very black lash blast macara. I do a few coats. I spend a lot of time on my eyes. From there I go for a ruby red lipstick or gloss and I’ll either french braid my hair or straighten it. Overall, I’m done in 25 -30minutes.

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@emeraldisles Great routine. I am still looking for my perfect blush lol :D

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