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What have you seen recently that was unexpected and beautiful?

Asked by gailcalled (54579points) May 17th, 2010

Yesterday at dusk, I saw a deer grazing on my lower, unmowed field; then a red fox emerged from the tall grass and trotted across the lawn. I watched them both from my treadmill. Wild turkeys are everywhere and almost not mentioning. Wren had taken up residence in my wren house.

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my 16 yr old dog used to talk to me. she was looking at me adoringly last nite and popped out a couple of UH HUHs to my do you love me? last nite.

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Lately when I’ve been driving around delivering flowers, the sharpness of full, green cottonwoods against deep blue sky (and brown everything else) has really been amazing.

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Last night driving home as I descended into the Valley an eerie fog like from a movie was creeping along the ground. It was fantastic.

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I went to a streetfair in NYC and as I walked up a hill and looked back it was a massive sea of people on the street; that made me feel some humility.

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@all; I am in rural upstate NY. I know where Kev lives. @NeroCorvo; What’s “the Valley”>

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The Philadelphia Flyers beat the Montreal Canadiens last night 6–0 in the playoffs. Wait, you said unexpected… I’ll get back to you.

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Corollary query: Can a healthy adult male fox bring down 11 lb. Milo?

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@gailcalled Pa is a very beautiful state. Worked in Bloomsberg for two months several years ago. Worked a flood in this area. The flood was due to a huge snow and it turned warm after the snow, then a huge rain, flooded many the areas below the mountains.

the only beautiful site I’ve seen lately was a large family of raccoons crossed road and i stopped and watched them climb a tree and go into a large hole in the tree.

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Great question!

The green, green spring over this way is just mind blowing, surreal rain forest thing going on this morning with clouds and fog making everything look like a jungle in asia.

Yes, nothing like nature to wake us up to the magic and mystery!

P.S. @gailcalled

I don’t think a fox would go after Milo on it’s own unless they were nose to nose at a food dish. I suppose anything is possible but usually foxes go for smaller prey, at least the ones in my area, have never had a cat/fox confrontaion, the Coyotes are another matter entirely, they will nab a cat if they can.

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The sun shining.Well I do hail from England town so it’s a rare treat & certainly unexpected.

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Yesterday I was tending the flowers on Megs grave. I looked up and saw the most perfect rainbow; Meg was smiling, I thought.

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Awww….how lovely for you, I think we see just what we want to see and thats a beautiful thought!

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The colony of bats around my home are back again. I wait and watch out for them each year. Warmer weather must be on its way.

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I see a lot of beauty in nature all the time which is one reason I spend so much time in the outdoors. Last Friday I sat on the swing in my yard and was surrounded by a couple dozen butterflies of 3–4 varieties. It was a beautiful sight and reminded me of the fleeting and delicate nature of life overall. You really do have to drink in all that life has to offer each and every day.

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@ucme I have to agree with you there… a rare and lovely sight for us!

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columbines :)

This is my second spring at this house, and they popped up out of nowhere. Beautiful!

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@partyparty Enjoy, won’t last long.

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@mcbealer Do you harvest the seeds? I did with mine the first year I saw them now I have them everywhere! All colors too!

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@mcbealer: Remember, sprinkle the seeds after the blossoms are gone.

@partyparty; You are lucky to have bats; they are dying by the millions of White nose disease.

@Coloma: I bring MIlo inside before dusk. He gets angry, but too bad! The coyotes are out then and all thru the night. I hear them howling.

I just heard and then saw the male cardinal.

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I saw a herd of wild bunnies playing in my backyard. Running, jumping and boxing each other for the sheer joy of it.

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@Silhouette; Cute, sort of. Bunnies eat the tender green shoots of too many vegetables and flowers. And they should be seen and not heard.

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This morning I saw that “my“mourning dove came back to her nest on my porch.She is beautiful.
Yesterday,I took my boat out for a spin and was surrounded by the most beautiful golden light.Beauty is all around us,you just have to look :)

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My son came home from school just now. He is soooooooooo beautiful.

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I don’t see how nature can be unexpectedly beautiful. If I lived where @gailcalled I expect to see something beautiful all the time.

Last week a whale came into one of the harbors in L.A. It was here for 3 days, but eventually beached itself and died. For 3 entire days people from all over L.A. did all they could to save the life of this one creature. I think that was beautiful.

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We went to a museum over the weekend. There was a deactivated atomic missile on a low display. A vivacious little red-headed girl jumped up on it and rode it like it was a recalcitrant bull; all the while joking with her younger brother about how she was taller than him.

It was horrible, frightening and yet beautiful. She was glorious in the way that she hopefully will never know the fear of these weapons. She’ll never hide under her school desk or be shown the fallout shelter section of her school by hand-wringing teachers.

Innocence on top of death and fear. It was one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen.

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@tinyfaery: The fox allowing himself to be seen was unexpected. They are usually sly and hidden. I think he is looking for bunnies to feed his kits.

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@gailcalled You are lucky to have bats; they are dying by the millions of White nose disease
Yes I do appreciate we are fortunate to have bats. There are 17 species in the UK all of which are protected by law.

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I love bats! Have several varities here in the foothill/mountains of the Sierras.

They are abundent at dusk on summer eves. Very cool and beneficial little creatures!

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@Coloma We love sitting out in the garden on a summers evening, (glass of wine in hand), watching these beautiful creatures. They never cease to amaze me.

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My three year old grandson is getting used to his brother who is turning one this month. They are beginning to play together and enjoy each others company.

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@YARNLADY: A joyful moment. Thanks for sharing.

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I miss bats, haven’t seen one in an age!

On Sunday evening I had to pop to the supermarket for some things. I was walking home through the dusk, grumbling to myself at the injustice of it all, when I looked up and saw the most beautiful crescent moon. It was a mere slither, with the two “horns” pointing up; belly down towards earth like a bowl. Then just above it, as if cupped, there was Venus. I was stunned! I didn’t even know you could see the moon and Venus so close like that, but I since googled it and found this.

What a privilege to have glimpsed it, I will never grumble about the shopping again.

P.S. I live in South Korea.

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Due to the trees on my western horizon, I never am able to spot the sliver moon. It is always too low in the sky. You are lucky.

(The cupping up means that the sliver will grow bigger each night until the moon is full; then it starts to shrink and the horns will point in the other direction.)

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My vet is so awesome!

She offered to make a house call this Sat. for my old cats rabies vaccine and to help me clip him for summer to avoid the stress of driving him into the office due to his frail condition these days.

She is the most incredible woman and she is only charging me for the exam, price of the vaccine and she is bringing her own clippers and grooming Gad at no charge!

She is ethical to a fault, abundantly helpful, caters to her clients and counsels them for as long as they need via phone calls….I LOVE this woman!

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A liquor store banner that read – ALL BUDWEISER CASES $9.99

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Thought this was the ‘Tell me something great’ zone…mea culpa.

Okay…my vet is beautiful! hehe

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@gailcalled Edit: a mere sliver, no slithering involved! The article I linked said that the moon will have eclipsed Venus in some parts of the world, but we just missed out on that here. Here’s an excerpt:

In some places, from North Africa to Indonesia, the moon appears to pass less than its own diameter away from Venus. This means that the moon will pass directly in front of and occult (eclipse) the planet. Most locations in the occultation’s ground path will be in full daylight, but from some locations — in particular from Sumatra to the Philippines — the occultation occurs after sunset. There, the moon will completely hide Venus for a short while. Just before the occultation, Venus will appear so close to the Moon that it would well be mistaken as being inside the crescent. It may well have been a glorious sight such as this that inspired the crescent moon and star symbol that has come to represent the faith of Islam.

How interesting, I never knew that. It certainly was a glorious sight.

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i woke up at 5:30-ish this morning as my boyfriend was leaving for work. i happened to glance out my window and see the most beautiful sunrise i’ve seen all year. i’m rarely up early enough to see it. actually, almost never. and im sad about that. and today it was so breathtaking. it made me really happy. :)

also, yesterday i went on a hike near Boulder and was blown away by the view we got when we reached the top. it didn’t seem like we had climbed very far but you could see practically forever. the sky was bright blue, the few clouds that there were were fluffy and white and fresh looking, and everything was super green. i love the earth.

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We were playing flag football Sunday, and as this one guy was trying to pull the ball-carrier’s flag, someone blocked him pretty hard, knocking him down…but he got the flag as he was falling and rolling away.

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Someone dropped off a puppy on my front door. He already has SEVERAL families interested in him that would all be able to give him a great home. This pups life could have gone a lot differently, but because we found each other he will have the life of a very loved pet. I hear it’s a pretty good life, but you would really have to ask my dogs :p

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I know what you mean.

I lost my 15 yr. old cat 2 weeks ago and now have two new 10 month old ‘kittens’.

One from a shelter and the other a give away.

These guys, racing around right now, lovin’ their new digs and life!

Being able to provide a great home makes me very happy!

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Today I saw the biggest bush of crazy blue Hydrangas in a neighborhood I am working in, decorating a home.

They looked so unreal, and vibrantly psychedelic. lol

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@Coloma: On the inner part of Cape Cod, due to salt water breezes, the hydrangeas are a brilliant purple. Here they are their old boring pink or blue.

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