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What informs your opinions on past work/education experiences?

Asked by shilolo (18045points) May 20th, 2010

Today in the mail, I received yet another request for money/donation to an alumni association. It promptly went into the recycling bin. On the other hand, I’ve always donated a bit to my college, feeling like it was my formative experience and deserved some “recognition”. For me, this is the breakdown, and the reasons behind each:
1. High school: negative opinion, no donation ever, mainly because I felt so ill-treated by the administration.
2. College: positive opinion, small donations, formative, set me on the right path.
3. Graduate: ambivalent, no donations, formative, but somehow not a strong enough sentiment despite 8 years.
4. Post-graduate: negative, no donations, feel taken advantage of in many ways.

What about others? Should I change my ways for personal/career purposes?

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You are allowed to donate your money where you see fit. On the other hand, is your old HS still run by the same administration? I prefer to tithe and put money directly in the hands of those who will benefit, so maybe instead of the HS you could find a needy family with a child who attends and take care of a few basics for the kid; Shoes, maybe a couple months of lunches, that kind of thing. Someone gets the benefit, you’ve made a contribution and you know that it has helped someone.

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Whatever little money I have to donate doesn’t go to the institutions I’ve attended because I think they’re doing fine for themselves considering how much money they take for tuition. Eventually, when I make more money, I will give it to NYU so that more financial aid to the students is available – just don’t know how to ensure of that.

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I donate money to the university I attended (3 times and still do attend). It goes towards buying new books for the library in the topics I am interested in.

One of the main motivators was the fact they put my name in the front of the books I have paid for.

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I agree. Donate your money where you see fit.
I use to work for Notre Dame. I always said they held Gods wallet.

You paid for the schooling, you could say you donated as you went.

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I’ve never donated anything (time, money, supplies) to any of them nor do I conceive of any personal motivation that would move to do so. In fact, I’ve taken the time to have my name removed from all of the alumni lists (surprisingly hard in one case); there’s no need for them to waste resources on me.

With all the time I’ve spent in college (might as well include all formal educational settings) or even just taking random classes, I’ve never developed or felt any sort of attachment to any of the institutions or associated organizations. My experiences were overall positive in all phases of my education, my teachers/professors both good and bad, most being the former, though only one or two made any noticeable, lasting, impression on me. But still I’ve never felt the schools worth singling out for my time/money, particularly when compared to other concerns.

For all that, should you change your ways? It’s up to you. If you can afford to and feel your donation is of value to the organization and you agree with their general use of it keep it up! Otherwise there are quite literally thousands of worthy organizations around the world who would gladly accept your attention and efforts on their behalf.

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For me donating is personal and probably wouldn’t have an impact on any career choice because if I did donate then it would be anonymously or with my time. I’d love to volunteer or even go back to school to become credentialled to be able teach in the Montessori school of my youth but aside from that, nowhere else.

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