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Why was I sick? Details and questions inside.

Asked by zenele (8252points) May 20th, 2010

Partied hard. Wedding, nu, what can you do?

Overate, different stuff – freshly rolled sushi to meat on the grill.

Drank only J and B. A lot. Really a lot.

Felt fine the whole time. Was driven home, didn’t pay attention to the ride. Didn’t know where I was, actually.

Got home smiling, felt good. Opened the door, then I felt it; It rushed up and just came out – a huge lump of barf, vomit or whatever you kids are heaving and calling it today.(Sorry.)

Then I felt okay again. No sore throat, no after-shocks.

Washed up, fell asleep, and baby slept til 6 (which is late for me).

How’d you sum it up: the meat or fish, too much drink or the two combined?

I’ll ask in social, but I’d like a few real posts first, please.

Lurve you guys.

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Alcohol. By eating so much, you delayed the absorption of the alcohol. Then, because of said delay, it all hit you like a ton of bricks. This tends to happen with hard alcohol in particular because the alcohol content is so high relative to the small volumes imbibed.

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NEVER would i eat raw fish. it may contain worms. several photos of this on the web.

Next time, forget the sushi and drink more J and B. you will feel the difference.

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Thanks guys. Really good info. @shi Thanks Doc.

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Drink decent stuff like Glenfiddich. Go easy on the food to avoid the technicolor yawns. Two aspirin before hitting the rack. You’ll still feel like shit in the morning; load up on the aspirin and fluids. A wee “hair of the dog” (brandy, cream and raw eggs in the blender) is a decent hangover remedy.

I think it was the combination of the food and drink. I either pig out or get shitfaced, not both.

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Chances are it was the alcohol. Think about it this way people eat sushi and rarely go home and vomit. People drink and often go home and vomit. Of course combining the two, ick!

ETA: Hope you are feeling better now :)

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I think it was the booze.

I got sick after a wedding in Dubuque….famous saying. I puked in dubuque.

Or you were having sympathy pangs for me and my stomach trouble of the last 3 days, even though I bet the timing was off…....

Take care…...either eat or drink…..the food could have got you too – in the tumult of your belly.

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It’s sounds like an allergic reaction to me albeit a delayed one. If it had been the alcohol I am sure you would of at least felt ill or dizzy before you ralfed.

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I would think it was a combination of the raw fish and all the alcohol.
Also perhaps the movements of the car, swishing all the food around in your stomach. Glad you’re feeling better now.

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I’m getting ill just reading this question.

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Too much booze sir! If the food has or had anything to do with it, you should find that out any minute!!

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I love sushi, and won’t give up raw fish, but there are cases of bad fish causing customers to be sick.
the Alcohol is also very suspect.
Take it easy a few days, or weeks, before going to war with your liver again.

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Sometimes it is when the fresh air hits you after a night drinking that you begin to feel sick. Most likely it was the alcohol and not the food that caused the problem.

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Thanks for the good wishes and words of wisdom.

Let’s leave this sickening thread and post in other healthier places. Feel good peeps. I’m feeling better.


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