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Do You Use an Instant Iced Tea That's Delicious?

Asked by GrumpyGram (822points) May 23rd, 2010

I drink tea in those gallon plastic jugs but wondered if anyone drinks the instant kind in a jar and thinks it’s great.

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I love Lipton’s iced tea mix. I hate flavored and/or sweetened tea, and I can never find a bottled tea that isn’t sweetened, so I need to make my own. I’ve tried different brands, but Lipton’s tastes the best imo.

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No, I actually don’t care for Iced Tea, but I hear Crystal Lite is really good.

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It doesn’t take long to steep some good, strong tea in a large mug and then pour it over a cup of ice. That’s the real thing, and the instant or bottled stuff doesn’t come close.

To all of our U.K. friends—I know that the thought of iced tea probably disgusts you, but you might want to give it a try. Iced tea doen’t taste anything like a cup of tea that’s gone cold; it’s quite different, and it’s very refreshing.

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I give Lipton’s iced tea mix a another hand!!
Taste great!!! Priced pretty fairly!!! and easy to make :)

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I’ve got to be totally honest here. I’m kind of a weirdo about iced tea, and only drink brewed. It’s not that different, except that a lot of instant tea already has sugar, but I think it’s something worth being picky about. Try making some sun tea this summer, add sugar or don’t (use simple syrup instead of sugar to make your life easier), and I guarantee that not only will you save money, you’ll enjoy the taste more and feel generally healthier (especially if you develop a taste for sugar-free, or with a tiny shot of lemonade in it).

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