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Do hydroponic crops have as many nutrients as crops grown in the soil?

Asked by JLeslie (60850points) May 24th, 2010

I also wonder if hydroponic crops require fewer pesticides?

I really think our fruits and veggies for the most part today do not have the nutrients they once did. I don’t know if there is regulation on crop rotation or fertilizing the soil, but what I do know is many of my friends and myself, even those of us who eat fairly healthy, still are dificient in some vitamins and minerals. This makes me question the food we eat.

It seems with hydroponic crops we might be able to control this better? But, I know very little on the subject.

Also, does the government or farms themselves do any type of regular testing for nutrients in our fruits and vegetables. It would be nice if we could know vitamin content, even if it was just an average, of apples from a particular farm, or broccoli, etc.

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