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Which people travel outside of their own country?

Asked by nightowl81 (12points) May 24th, 2010

I’ve been reading stuff on the net about why American don’t travel overseas or outside there own country. I’ve found out the French also don’t or rarely travel outside your own country.

What other countries like this?

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Well unless you’re going to Canada or Mexico, you have to travel pretty damn far as an American to reach a different country. Not so for Europeans.

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IME, Americans travel outside their country all the time! Well, I seem to meet them when I am travelling anyway.

I don’t often hear about Russians travelling, or many African countries but then many of them have been in horrendously bad political situations for a long while.

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There certainly is an issue of proximity and logistics. It requires a lot more effort, time and expense for an American to travel outside his country, except for perhaps a trip to Canada or Mexico, and America being as large as it is that can even be problematic, than it is for a European to travel to a foreign country.

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@nightowl81 I am from NZ and there are tons of American tourists over there all the time. I now live in Sydney and the same thing applies. I always find them to be really friendly and curious. Great people.

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@lillycoyote You think it is problematic for an American to travel outside his country. You should try living down where I am.

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@Theby I would love to go to New Zealand and Australia but it’s not just the cost of the plane ticket but the plane ride is about 24 hours long. Until the airlines provide in flight valium drips I don’t know if I could stand being in a plane for that long.

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@lillycoyote I understand what you mean. It once took me 37 hours to get from Sydney to Rio de Janeiro! That was a real killer. By the time I got there (I hadn’t slept) I felt like I was in some type of dream I was so tired.

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