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What was your worst customer service experience?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36550points) May 25th, 2010

We’ve all had bad customer service at some point. What was the absolute worst you’ve ever had? Humorous examples greatly appreciated.

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Probably when we ate at Dave and Busters in Denver. They forgot about us for an hour, then ran out of the right food. When they finally got to us, our food was cold and undercooked. they tried to give us free desert for the trouble we went through. It was a cup of yogurt for a party of 5. Good job, guys. Your service was excellent!

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I went to a restaurant where the waiter sneezed on my fish and still tried to give it to me! LOL!
Barfity ,barf ,barf ,barf!

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Here in my place you need to bribe someone who authorized in civilization department to make your Civil ID card. Or they’ll tell you to wait and you’ll wait forever since they never actually work on your rights as a civilan.

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@lucillelucillelucille Yuck! What’s even more disgusting is that the waiter put your contaminated meal under a heatlamp and later served it to another customer.

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I went to a Dennys a couple months ago with my girlfriend. She is a vegetarian. She was going to order a sandwich and a loaded potato soup, but was unsure about the soup as loaded generally means bacon. We asked the waitress and was assured there was no bacon.

Quarter of the way through the soup she makes a face and i knew then that she had eaten some bacon. I tried some and it was indeed bacon. So we pulled a piece out and put it on the plate. We then called the waitress over to ask her and she again assured us it wasnt bacon. So I asked to speak to the manager.

It turned out to be the owner in the store on this day. I asked her if this wasnt bacon on the plate, what was it? She said it was a vegetable. I then asked her what vegetable is pink and spongey like that. She again just said it was a vegetable. So I said “look, i know all your soups come in bags and you just heat them up, please get me the ingredients.”

20 min later she comes back with the ingredients and a smirk on her face like she had just bested me. I looked through the list and read “rendered from bacon fat” and “contains bits and chunks of bacon” So I went back up to the owner and asked her to read it back to me.

She then claimed ignorance to the whole thing. “Oh well i didnt know it was in there” Yet told me 80 times over it was just vegetables. (there actually wasnt a single vegetable in the soup if you dont count the potato base)

We argued a bit over the whole thing and how fucktarded it was for her not to know what was in the food she was serving, especially as the owner of said restaurant.

She then took the soup away from my girlfriend and as she was leaving asked “would you like CHICKEN noodle instead?”

We both just looked at her dumbfounded and she said “what no chickens either?”
“she’s a vegetarian”
“And? she doesnt eat chicken?”

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@Primobabe -Oh yuck! My younger brother used to be a waiter and he told me all kinds of stories about “unusual” meals…Steak fell on the kitchen floor??Bam! Back on the plate! A dirty rag in the pot of soup??Ah!That’s ok! It was only used to clean under the stove!

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There is a place here called, “Peppers!” My first trip to this restaurant, the waitess came to the my table and shoved my water across the table and i tried to catch the glass and it turned over and gave me a soaking. That was not the worst part….she did not apologize! Reported the event to the manager and left. Never been back!

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An employee of Bob Evans accosted my gf, at the time, in the bathroom and told her to prove she was a woman. This hostess wanted to see either her breasts or her genitals. My gf ran out of the bathroom and back to the table to tell us what happened.

I waited until I got my now crying/mortally embarrassed/traumatized gf and my mother to the car- then I went back in and raised hell in one of my best Julia Sugarbaker moments.

I have never been back since and I never will. Fuck them and their horrible ‘family’ ‘christian’ “food”.

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I went on my honeymoon with Eastern Airlines in the last waning days of their existence. What a bunch of A-holes they were though….worst of the worst deer in headlights response I ever had to put up with. Didn’t make one connecting flight, it took 14 hours instead of 5 to get where we were going and they lost ½ our luggage and when it did show up a week later the steaks I had on dry ice in my suitcase were obviously thawed. I took them and hid them behind the heater in their lost and found. The upside to the story is American Airlines honored my tickets and put us in first class with champagne after the second Eastern flight was grounded due to lack of an engine.

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@gemiwing An employee of Bob Evans accosted my gf, at the time, in the bathroom and told her to prove she was a woman. This hostess wanted to see either her breasts or her genitals. I’m stunned. I’m guessing that you, your girlfriend, and your mother were so angry and traumatized that you didn’t think to call the police?

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@Primobabe I later called Bob Evans corporate and also filed a complaint with our local Fairness group (they handle legal GLBTQA matters here). It never crossed my mind to call the police honestly. It was a hostile period in the town’s history and I was more worried about getting her home and on the phone with her therapist. I probably should have though.

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I went to Marie Calender’s with my dad and asked what dark beer they had and the waiter said, ”I don’t know, I don’t drink.
Now, I’m sure this wasn’t the most horrible experience I’ve ever had, but my dad and I really wanted some fucking alcohol. >.<
It ended up taking about 30 minutes for my dad to get his beer and 45 minutes for me to get my margarita. I was pissier than pissed.

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Note to self: Do not stand between Vunessuh and the bar. lol

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@Vunessuh How did the waiter even arrive at that brilliant deduction? Did he never plan to have a customer ask for a beer- ever?

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@gemiwing I think he was new. It was just odd though. If you’re new and don’t know, then tell me you’ll ask someone for me. Don’t act like because you don’t drink, you don’t have to know whilst waiting on people. Jesus. I tried to cut him some slack though for potentially being new. Keyword: tried. I really wanted that margarita though. XD

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My husband and I were having dinner at a lovely restaurant in French St. Martin. Midway through our meal, a boorish couple sat down at the next table. These people bickered and discussed their personal issues—financial matters, problems with their children, and marital troubles—in very, very loud voices. We didn’t want to listen to such intimate conversation, and the couple was so loud that my husband and I couldn’t even talk to each other over all the noise!

My husband went to the maitre d’—tactfully and politely—and explained the problem. There are many ways that a trained, experienced maitre d’ can handle obnoxious customers. For example, the maitre d’ could have approached the people with two complementary glasses of wine, apologized for the interruption, and quietly asked them to lower their voices. Or, she could have said that the restaurant has bad acoustics, that they probably weren’t aware that their voices were carrying far, and would they please speak more softly so that their privacy wouldn’t be compromised.

No. Instead, the maitre d’ went to their table, told them that “this gentleman” had complained about their loud voices, and pointed to my husband! Our dinner was ruined. The couple started to attack us verbally—talk about us to each other, but so loudly that we’d hear every word—and, when we left, the wife yelled “thank you for leaving” as we walked away.

The next day, we complained to the restaurant manager, who was appalled by what had happened. He refunded 100% of our meal expense. We were grateful for the manager’s concern and excellent response, but our special, romantic dinner and night out had been lost to all that drama.

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@lucillelucillelucille So many people mistreat restaurant servers, and I’m always amazed by that kind of stupidity. I mean, why deliberately offend someone who’s handling food?!?! Anyone’s who’s ever worked in a restaurant knows what happens to rude, abusive customers; the entire kitchen staff and waitstaff spit, sneeze, or cough into the person’s meal. Payback is sweet, and sometimes it’s swift.

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@Primobabe -Exactly! I don’t think I could do anything to someone’s meal though no matter how rude they were.

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