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Hi Jellies! Could you help me with a graduation gift idea for two family members?

Asked by RedPowerLady (12566points) May 26th, 2010

Hi. Sorry for such a mundane question but really I need help.

As many of you know I recently decided to be a SAHM so our income is pretty limited. So I need gift ideas that won’t cost much but are meaningful. They are graduation gifts. See below for more details.

Soon I will be going to my little sisters high school graduation. She has a different mom, I only mention this to let you know I don’t get to see her very often. I need ideas on what to get her low-cost. She says she plans on going to college but doesn’t seem quite firm on it.

Also my other younger sister will be attending the graduation. We grew up together but when she graduated HS I was in college. It was my first year and I was loving my freedom, I didn’t take the time out to go to her graduation. She is still bitter over it and I imagine this will bring up bad feelings for her. I wanted to get her a small token gift as well.

Any ideas would be helpful. To be honest I’m not a great gift giver.

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What are their interests/hobbies?

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Maybe a nice business suit for job searching or after college? Or a gift card lol?

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@Draconess25 I’m not going to be much help. I love my sisters dearly but don’t know them very well personally.

To be honest I don’t know too much about the sister who is graduating HS since we never really lived together. From the times I do get to see her and from online I know she likes writing, artistic photos of herself, that type of thing. She wants to go into Marketing or something of that nature for college.

My other sister, the one I missed her graduation. Her hobby was writing but I don’t think shes done that in awhile. She graduated in psychology because she wanted to do criminal psych but not sure if that was ever a real passion for her. I don’t know much else of what she likes. She really keeps herself secret.

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Then just get them a nice notebook. They can use it for whatever. Write a personal note in the front cover; perhaps apologizing for missing your sister’s graduation. For the other one, say that you wish you could’ve spent more time together, & you’d like to in the future.

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@Draconess25 That would probably be a very nice gift. There are some homemade notebooks here at the local weekly outdoor market. I bet I could find something personality suiting for them there.

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I like the idea of a nicely bound journal….and add some personalized M & M’s for fun and call it a day.

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I would ask Sister A about gift suggestions for Sister B, and ask Sister B what Sister A might like to receive.

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Well, I was thinking that since money is an issue for most of the nation, That even if it iwas not, since you mention that you don’t get to see her very often, that you could make a custom coupon book that she could cash in to you and any other family menber that she does not have the priviledge to spend time with on a daily basis, due to distance or other issues. It could be at least 20 pages long and each coupon could mention something like Cash this coupon for a visit for the weekend. Or cash this coupon for a loan of $20.00 cause I’m short on funds this week. Or Cash this coupon for a weeks supply of chocolate or what ever her favorite candy is. Cash this coupon for a suit to wear at professional funtions or Cash this coupon in for a weekly meeting with me at the time that each party agrees upon. Well that is what I was thinking, yes some of those ideas do cost money; but since you take into consideration that you did not get to spend much time with her for reasons neither of you two could control, then the amount that the coupon idea would is not much compared to not even knowing her. :=)

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Nice picture frames. Perhaps you could have a picture of the three of you taken together.

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I bought my kids and nephew luggage at high school grad. I usually give friends cash.

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