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What do you like about Immanuel Kant's philosophy?

Asked by lopezpor (241points) June 13th, 2010

Out of the many philosophers, what do you think about Kant?

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Kant is pretty hard to love. Give me an existentialist, thanks. I appreciate the German philosophers, but I’m glad we didn’t stop there.

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Nothing. It is the Anti Enlightenment philosophy. It was an attempt to be popular and reconcile the Age of Reason with the Established Church. Without Kant, there would be no Marxism. Have you tried to read A Critique of Pure Reason? Total bullshit, and incomprensible to boot. Kant is the poster boy of the Western left.

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Herman Kahn, but Immanuel Kant!

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What makes a philosopher? Hmmmm… ...
That’s it!! It’s that humming sound; that makes a philospher. I know that’s not the question, I just wanted to throw that in.

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what! but I like Kant!

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From what I vaguely remember back in college philosophy class, some of his theories were ok. I can’t think of any of them right now. It’s been so long since I’ve read his works.

I like the epistemology questions, like ‘how do we know what we know?’

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“Immanuel Kant was a real pissant, who was very rarely stable…”

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Spreading the idea of enlightenment ending ignorance and superstition.

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I like how he introduced the role of the human mind into experience. I like how he attributes the fact that we see things in space and time to our brains. He didn’t think that objects in-themselves were necessarily situated in space and time, but that we have to experience objects in that way simply due to the way our sense perceptions work.

I think that’s pretty rad.

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I like how his last name is pronounced…

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