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What funny responses could you give to any unwanted attention from a secret admirer?

Asked by ucme (50034points) June 20th, 2010

They think you don’t know who they are but you do.Let them down gently? Perhaps the humane responsible way to deal with them.Let’s for arguments sake though say they have gone beyond flattering & irritating.They’ve jumped warp speed right through to full blown “stalker” syndrome.Won’t take no for an answer.It’s time to act. Hit them with your wittiest, withering stop dead in their tracks put downs.Cruel to be kind.A hypothetical scenario whose motive is purely to seek out fun imaginative responses, okay?

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I went on date with a guy once, and IMO it was HORRIBLE! He thought it was great though, and I could tell he was going to try and kiss me good bye. I uh, kind of jumped back and said, “Did you know that after 5 years you get to reclaim virgin status??”
True story. Have NO idea where it came from, but it worked!

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“I really like you, i honoustly do, but there are about a million other girls that i like more.”

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I told a guy once that I went out with him because I wanted to know what it was like to date a guy.

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I would start prancing around like a wild animal making funny noises and squinting my eyes. Then I would start dribbling and waving my arms around giving strange looks at people.
Then(after careful planning), a relative would approach with a straightjacket and with soothing words would try to coax me into wearing it. I hope that the admirer would get the message at that point.

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One I had was I had been talking to a guy online and we had one phone conversation. Immediately after we hung up, he texted me. “I’m naked and horny, what do you want to do?”
I went to sleep. Later, I got a guy friend to send him a message back.

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I want to have sex with you 24 hours a day!

Even if I say 4 hours a day, it’ll probably work.

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@wundayatta Long time no see…hear…read..oh you know what I mean, good news.

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