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What species of Clown Fish is amongst your favorites?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) June 23rd, 2010

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There are 28 recognized species of this variety of anemone loving fish throughout the world. In one of the Nat Geos this past year they did a big article on Clownfish and I was totally enamored with this animal. Please describe why you like one particular variety of this fish. I hope Nemo doesn’t cloud your decision here as you strive to find your favorite.

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Well I have a tomato clownfish in one of my reef tanks and he is great, has his own personality and loves his anemone buddy. I also really like the saddleback clown and the maroon clown, the maroon clown is a bit more agressive than the two I mentioned and also grows larger than them. I do love clownfishes though, they are a great fish.

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I like the clown fishes that all huddle in a car at one time. :)
Ok, I like the Sebae Clownfish. I love that it looks like it threw on a skirt.

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True Percula Clownfish. I like it because it has bright contemporary colour on its body. Although I prefer smaller species.

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@earthduz Awesome answer.
After reading that article in Nat Geo about Clown Fishes I was totally taken by them too. They are very fascinating fish and I would definitely get them too. I never knew how complex they were till I learned all about them.

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The Maroon Clownfish is very beautiful as is the Black Percula :)

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Saddleback clownfish.

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I love all clownfish. I think my favorite is the Common or False Percula Clownfish.

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are they hard to keep? saltwater tank?

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I fucking hate clownfish. They are always assholes in all my experiences with them. I used to have a true perc that would bite me right between my thumb and my index finger on that little flap of skin EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME I WENT IN THE TANK. More recently I had a large clarkii clown at work, again, mother fucker would bite the shit out of my hand every time i went in that tank. i have a scar on my arm from this fish. -_ -

If I had to pick one though, it would probably one of the crazy morphs people have created from percs like a Wyoming white or a Picasso

The new white lightning maroon clowns ora is breeding now look pretty cool too.

As for your non human altering species, id probably go with a gold stripe maroon again though, huge asshole fish

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not too bad, you hear alot of horror stories about them but once established they can pretty much run on their own…but there are variables involved what type of tank (FOWLR fish only with live rock) just fish, or reef tank….reef being the most expensive due to the special needs (but the most satisfying imo). The cost though at the begining is pretty high (will need sand, live rock, protein skimmers, scrapers, salt, RO water, fish, corals, filters) and will need to spend some money on it during the time that you have it (keeping salt on hand, filter pads, etc)...if you do decide to do a saltwater tank whichever way you go buy the biggest one you can afford because I’ll tell you now once you get into it you will love it and want to upgrade ASAP if you dont have a big tank..I’d suggest at least 55g or bigger to start.

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@uberbatman haha that sucks, I hate seargent majors as much as you dislike clownfish..I finally got mine out of the tank by using a hook and line..I went fishing in the tank and happily flushed him down the toilet little thing was killing everything

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55g is by far the worst reef tank possible jmo a 40 breeder would be much better

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@earthduzt eghhh i hate damsels too. I especially hate the fact that people still tell n00bs to cycle their tanks with them. Its like coool give ammonia burns to this fish, and then have an aggressive fucker stuck in your tank cause ya added a bunch of rock work

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yeah I was stupid and caught him while diving at the coast and thought it’d be “cool” to put a fish I hand caught in my tank….guess again, last time I will ever do that, except my blennies that I caught I love them :D

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@marinelife Can you explain to me why you feel this way?

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@ChazMaz Can you please explain why you like Saddle Back clown fish the most.?

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@earthduzt Yeah, my family had a salt water aquarium when I was a kid before the big divorce when I was 13. We had an anemone and some sort of clown fish (I was too young to know the difference) and I loved to watch the activities in that large tank.

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Because it is dark brown and white.

Kind of the opposite of your standard Clown Fish colors.

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sounds hard and expensive- I love them and look at them in the fish shop all the time

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@trailsillustrated it is costly at the begining, fish only tanks arent too bad, the live rock can go anywhere from 2.99lb for the not so good stuff to 15.99lb for the premium and its good to go about a pund per gallon is average. Then you need protein skimmer which can go anywhere from 100 bucks to 500 bucks. Filter same thing although really if you have enough LR and a good skimmer you dont need a filter, but you can do a sumbp setup which can cost around 200–500 depending on size (or build your own which is way cheaper). Live Sand and salt about 60 dollars. If you are getting into reef tanks then you will need lights which those can get very expensive anywhere from 300 to in the thousands. You’ll need a heater which is about 40–80 dollars depending on the size you need. Nets, scrapers, water testing kits, food. Finally then the livestock and prices can vary but you can find plenty of inexpensive fish, shrimp, crabs, corals, etc. So yeah the starup is a little expensive but after that it’s not too bad, but youll always find something cool to put in the tank and drop money into it and once that is fully stocked 9 times out of 10 you will want a bigger tank haha thats why I tell people to buy the biggest tank they can afford and fit in their place.

Maintaing it isn’t too bad, the first few months are the most crucial with having to do water changes and test the water chemistry but after that it tapers off and your tank will balance out and take care of itself, again if you have plenty of rock and good filtration (skimmer) you can cut down on changing the water. Mine has been up and running for a few years now and I change the water about every 2 months or so now.

All in all though it is a very rewarding hobby, very soothing as well as educational for the kids. Who knows also the way the things are goign the only way you’ll be able to see life in the ocean is through aquarists. It’s awesome to watch my little ocean in my living room.

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Another important thing to note. Buy used equipment/tanks wherever/whenever you can. I suggest criagslist or reef forums. Used stuff works just as good as the new stuff albeit a bit dirty but that can be cleaned. You’ll save a ton.

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