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In this technologically advanced age, do you think that the humble love letter is a thing of the past?

Asked by ucme (46642points) June 24th, 2010

Yeah I mean e – mails, text messaging etc.Does this leave the art of the love letter in a bygone age or is there still room for such a romantic gesture?

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I absolutely love hand-written love letters, my SO and I still write them to each other. Even though we live together we still put them in the mail as a romantic surprise, with stickers, goodies, heart shaped confetti and heart-felt words.

I hope the love letter never ever dies, it is a timeless and genuinely beautiful way to express your love <3

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There is definitely still room for it, but it does seem to be used less and less these days. My husband and I wrote love letters when we were dating and write them now that he is deployed. I keep the letters he has written me on my nightstand and re-read them whenever I start missing him (which is just about every night).

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@Seaofclouds : That’s so romantic <3 Made me teary-eyed.

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Oh no! The desire of a person passionately in love with another to fully convey the depth of their feelings persists to this day..

The experience of reading a handwritten letter exceeds the impact of the same message sent as an e-mail or text message which are essentially disposable and transitory media.

If you want to thrill your beloved with such a message but are afraid of making embarrassing errors, you can compose your rough drafts on a good word processor with spelling and grammar checking features. You then write the letter carefully in your own handwriting and then send that to your beloved. Use high quality, acid free paper and a fountain pen. It will enhance the final product.

Even writing out such a letter by hand will feel special to the writer and so much more so for the recipient.

Dare to do it!

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@Dr_Lawrence Oh I dare I dare! Yeah wasn’t meaning me personally.Absolutely all for the personal touch when it comes to expressing little titbits of passion. Meant in general really.

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I will punch anyone who rips on loveletters in the face and show them just how alive chivalry is.

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I am afraid so. Although I hate it.

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I don’t think hand-written letters and notes will ever be a thing of the past. A letter from a lover can be a very romantic thing; not so for an email. To hold the paper with the handwritten message can be very special.

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Love letters are the best!
by the way,you spelled meatloaf wrong in your last one

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I still write sappy letters to my lovers. And if people say I’m old-fashioned, they can kiss my ass.

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No, they become even more attractive because they are so exceptional.

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No, there’s always room for hand written letters! I agree with mattbrowne.

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