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Which Shakira song do you feel is your favorite and could you please post a link to it as I would love to hear it?

Asked by Kraken (1177points) June 26th, 2010

I am so amazed with this woman and her ability to really sing. I have placed her amongst my top 10 most special women in the world and I am so impressed with her artistic ability and her philanthropic contributions as well. She exemplifies what a beautiful soul is all about and that shows through her very clearly.
I am amazed at what a wonderful person she is.

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Waka Waka – because it reminds me of home:/

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Whenever, Wherever. I love the middle-eastern infulence here and she has a unique and beautiful voice.

I can’t say I’m a fan of her music as a whole though.

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@downtide I hear ya. She is enchanting though.

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you know what, i totally hate how she sings in english, she had soul before she dyed her hair, anyway, “Ojos asi” is one of my old favorites but in spanish, :)

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@Ludy I disagree. She has more spirit than 10 regular people combined and I bow to her power. She is that awesome.

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I love Whenever Wherever and Hips Don’t Lie. Other than that I prefer it when she sings in Spanish.

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She’s one of the few artists who’s CD’s I buy and like almost all the songs on the CD (that’s rare). So it’s a tough call, but I’ll vote for Whenever, Wherever from her Laundry Service CD as my all-time favorite.

BTW, I don’t know Spanish, and maybe if I did, I’d choose one of her songs in Spanish as my all-time favorite…

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Among just her songs in Spanish, I vote for Que Me Quedes Tu, though I haven’t a clue what the song is about :-)

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She Wolf. That song is SEXY!

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Good to youtube and type in she wolf by shakira. AMAZING song.

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whenever, wherever in spanish. also her arabic song.

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@HungryGuy that means like, I can survive as long as I have you, I’m still breathing, something like that :)

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Hips Don’t Lie. It’s the only one of her songs I’ve heard, & would probably like.

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and @Kraken , I did not mean she’s not good, jus that she was better, her songs had soul, they meant something, now is like she is just focused on selling albums and moving her hips, before she was more into her music and due to that she became famous, now like they say in spanish: “crea fama y echate a dormir”

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Hips Don’t Lie is just unbelievably sexy.

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@Randy She Wolf makes me feel randy!

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@Ludy I hear ya.

That’s why I hate timed music contracts soooo much.
Creativity comes in spurts and you cannot force it. And the maliciousness of these people to put musical performers under undo stress to produce of course would lead to garbage. It always should be quality over quantity and I think she should change labels or go indi if they are harassing her just to produce. She could be inactive for 6 years as she has kids and raises a family and then her soul is sparked all of a sudden. We should not force artists to be on a time table. Art is made when it should be made and it will not be made when it is forced to be made. This is culture and culture must be produced when the time is right.

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The first song that came to mind is Beautiful Liar, i loooooooooove that song! I don’t have a link though, but you should be able to find it easily.

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@NaturallyMe I did you are a beautiful liar honey!
Now who’s you’re daddy?

Well come to my arms….......

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Well did you listen to it then? :D

My dad’s at home, just came home from a trip to the US. It would be weird if you are him….

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@NaturallyMe Do your hips lie?

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@NaturallyMe Hey why not?
She is like a song bird…. boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@Kraken – yes, but she’s a better liar. That song is my favourite of hers!
It takes more than a boo!! to phase me.

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