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What's your favorite Christian band?

Asked by h3llolim3 (90points) June 29th, 2010

I’m not a big Christian supporter, though I do respect their views, as well as their music, which is quite good actually. So the real question is, what’s your favorite christian band? Lately, I’m really into Anberlin.

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Five Iron Frenzy.

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I stopped listening to Christian music when I left my childhood home. My guardian was and is a fundy Pentecostal, so she played gospel almost exclusively in the house. Out of all of it, I liked AndraƩ Crouch and the Disciples, who was most popular in the 1970s. An example from ca. 1974 or two. They were very pop/R&B in style.

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I suppose mewithoutYou might count as a Christian band. If so, then it is absolutely them. I love them :)

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Jammin’ Jesus Christ and the 12 Disco-ples (formerly known as the 12 Gauge Disciples) ~

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I don’t really have a favorite, but this song is pretty nice. TobyMac used to be in a group call DC Talk. Loved them as a kid!

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Relient K, Red, and P.O.D. are all really good if you like alternative rock.

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Place of Skulls, by virtue of the fact that the Guitarist/Vocalist is Victor Griffin of Pentagram.
It’s nice to have at least one religious band that has actual skill behind them. And the irony of the fact that its frontman was the frontman of a Satanic doom metal band is just hilarious to me.

Also, Wino appeared on one of their EPs.

And and, their cover of “Consuming Fire” by Third Day is actually really good. I don’t mind Third Day either, as far as mainstream Christian music goes.

@aprilsimnel – I’m an ex Apo/Pente myself. I feel your pain

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Relient K, I guess. They’re the only Christian band I have any music by. :)

I do have more Christian music, though, but it’s either classical or Christian (Catholic) popular music sung by a church choir or something.

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Jars of Clay are pretty talented.

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The original 12 Apostles, but they be daid.

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I really like Saviour Machine. I used to listen to Christian music exclusively, when I was a Christian, but after a while it all gets predictable and unimaginative.

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The Mormon Tubercular Choir (ref: Harry Chapin)

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I like the Swirling Eddies. They are Christian, but they spend a lot of time making fun of bad Christian pop music. They get banned from a lot of Christian concerts because they are irreverent, but they are actually theologically sound.

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I like some of Zao‘s older material.

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I don’t listen to xtian music.

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