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How old is too old for my son to be naked on a beach?

Asked by Izaga (19points) July 2nd, 2010 from iPhone
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What country are you in? If you’re in the US, he should have a diaper if he’s not potty trained. If he is potty trained, he’s too old. Keep the running naked for the sprinkler in the backyard.

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Right. If youy’re in the US, then after a few months is too old. Anywhere else in the world, then I’d say 70 or 80 is too old :-)

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I’d say keep at least a diaper on at all times. Sunburn is too risky..

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i agree that it’s a matter of what country you are in and the cultural norms there.

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I don’t see why my 4 year old can’t run around the beach naked but people are such prudes here that I wouldn’t let him do so. And I certainly am all for my one and a half year old running around naked.

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In general, I don’t have a problem with nudity – especially at a beach. However, with what we know about skin cancer nowadays, I think it’s almost a crime to let children run around without clothes on in the sun.

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Whatever you do, don’t take a picture of it.

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83…after that is very wrong.

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Naked on the beach is not all that fun. Sand in cracks and folds. Sun burning down on the rest… Are you really thinking rationally? :-)

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As far as I think, nakedness is not offensive, but skin cancer is terrible and preventable.

Let us protect children’s health but stop treating the sight of the human body as anything more than normal and wholesome. As a society, we would eventually become so much less fucked up about sex and sexuality as well.

Will it happen? Not in puritan America.

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I’m all for kids getting to run around naked on the beach. I did it. However, I’ll have to agree with the diaper if not potty trained these days. I’d really hate to walk around on the beach and find that toddlers have left surprises lying around. I don’t trust parents anymore to clean up.

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Who cares what others think. Check your local law. Let your kid do what you feel is right.

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I’d say fifteen.

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When the sight of attractive naked teenage girls has a visible effect on him.

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Would the answer be different if we were talking about a daughter?????

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@ItsAHabit I personally don’t think there is a difference in this case; a naked toddler is a naked toddler. If anything, boys have more obvious bits hanging out.

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