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Is there such a thing as a Chupacabra?

Asked by josie (30926points) July 4th, 2010

On my fluther “greeting” I get a message that I do not look like the Chupacabra.
That is reassuring.
I know that the Chupacabra is some sort of critter that kills livestock. But is there such a thing, or is it like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster?

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There are occasional reports of blood sucking animals that are unexplained, and several dead carcasses have been presented as supposedly chupacabra, but they are nearly always shown to be other animals.

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~Of course the chupacabra exists.

Like many misunderstood creatures people assume the worst. Really chupacabras are quite charming and social. While not considered pretty to human standards they are far nicer looking than a Chinese Crested.
Regarding diet- any species that drinks “bloody Marys” for breakfast and is obsessed with vampires ala “Twilight” should not be so judgmental. ~

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@YARNLADY Thanks. I owe you one by the way.

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its a mystical creature that is told to suck the blood of other creatures its just a legend a miff so i for one do not believe in it

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The Truth is out there!

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Mulder is always right.
These look suitably cheesy. There are several to pick from. Enjoy :)

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Possibly. I mean, something has to kill these animals in unexplainable ways.

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A few years ago one of our local radio stations in San Diego bought a beat up old car as the official morning show car and painted it oddly and called it the “chupacabra”. Being on the border with mexico they asked listeners to call or write in and say if they believed the chupacabra was real or not.

I wrote an e-mail and it was read on the air the same day. It went somewhere along the lines of “The chupacabra is fiction. It’s a mythical “monster” thought up by mexican parents in order to scare kids to keep them in line. IT’S NOT REAL!!!! It only exists as a myth to scare children… sort of like the boogey man or Michael Jackson.”

The Dj was laughing his ass off at the end of the show that day and didn’t even do his usual sign off bit. I’m not sure I would write something similar today… but at the time it seemed hilarious.

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Scientists predict the caused of what so-called “Chupacabara attack” is non other than wild dogs or leopard.

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dogs or leopards usually don’t suck all the blood out of the body.
in my experience, “scientists” who make such statements usually did no research at all into that matter.

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@ragingloli It was once explained in the History channel or the National Geographic(I forgot which one). It has been suspected that the blood-sucking thing and the weird trail found on the ground near the victim caused by non other than silly-psychotic people(this could also caused by another kind of satanic worship community). Well we don’t really know the truth(even the scientists) and I don’t believe in such creature like “Chupacabara”,if there’s really one it has been discovered from long time ago. Although I believe in the hypothesis about this creature.

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It does in Silent Hill. But what do you expect with a town like that?

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No evidence so no basis for hypothesis.

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Here is an article about them.

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No, is just another hoax. Is no strong evidence it exist. Same true of Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, fairies, ghosts, etc.

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