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How does one create a text anchor to a URL which contains punctuation?

Asked by SmashTheState (12817points) July 5th, 2010

Several times now I’ve wanted to place an inline anchor to a URL which contains punctuation (usually brackets), and noticed that Fluther “helpfully” excludes the punctuation. For example, today I wanted to anchor some text to the following two URLs: <—edit: Just noticed, this link is broken too,_Crumble_and_Chomp!

The anchors turn out like this(arcade_game) and this! respectively, breaking the hyperlinks.

Is it possible to instruct Textile to use a URL exactly as specified?

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Simpy put, it can’t be done via Fluther, but you can use a service like or tiny url to shorten your URL and point your text anchor to the new shortened URL given to you by the URL shortening service.

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And here’s a global Grrr for all the formatting overrides in our interface, including automatic translation of certain numbers with slashes (1 / 4) to case fractions (¼) and changing item (c ) in a list to a copyright symbol© while deleting the leading space.

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Another vote for tinyurl. You don’t necessarily need it to be tiny, but it does effectively mask the punctuation.

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If you enclose your link in square brackets, [ “link” : http://…. ] it will work perfectly. It won’t show up in the preview, but it will work.


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@andrew Thanks very much, that’s perfect.

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