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Would you miss the boob tube? (could you go without the tele)?

Asked by Jude (32098points) July 7th, 2010

Say, for a month or year?

In the last month, I’ve watched, maybe, 3 hours of t.v.

I wouldn’t miss it.

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I have to be honest and say, yes I would miss it, but it wouldn’t kill me, as matter of fact, it would be good for me. There are plenty of, a whole lot of, other things to do.

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Can I still have my dvd player?

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I have gone without watching broadcast television, but still watched dvd’s. If that’s part of the deal, I’d be fine without it.

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I’d be fine without it. as long as it isn’t during football season.

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Edit: First thought there was a sexy YouTube clone that i was missing on out…
In the last three and a half week i watched about 54 soccer matches (times 90 minutes, some with extra time and penalty shoot outs) and i will watch two and a half more weeks Tour de France (cycling), so yeah, i would miss it.
Love sports.

Edit: I actually lived for some two years without a television and it is very doable.

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Not in the least.

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I haven’t watched TV since 2007 and only in the past year started watching stuff on the computer. It’s kind of fun to discover and then like shows but I survived just fine without. I believe I’m one of the few earthlings never to have seen an episode of LOST.

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I would. About 85 maybe 90 percent of the things I watch are cartoons and I pretty much watch them every day. I desperately wait for new episodes of my favorite ones, if I don’t get to watch them I get a little cranky. Sure you can watch them online, but I like the tv-watching feeling better. So yes I would miss it. Not enough to go crazy about it though.
I’m not addicted I can quit anytime. I just don’t want to right now.

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I do not have an interest in T.V. I would only miss a few shows, but I could just watch them on the internet.

Seriously, if I can only pay for a few channels that would be awesome. HBO for Real Time with Bill Maher, and Comedy Central for the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, plus the Science, Discovery, and NatGeo channel.

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I’m confused. We can have our dvd player – but we won’t have a TV to watch it on? Or we are allowed to watch movies?

Because if that’s the case, that’s how I’ve lived for the last 6 years.

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I havn’t watched TV in 8 years.

Have a newer small flatscreen and DVD player but only watch movies.

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broadcast television

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@jjmah then.. nope, I don’t miss it. :)

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You answer reminds me of that artist (can’t remember who she was) that was telling that, when in Africa, she handed out DVD’s to the children there, saying: “Imagine, these kids never saw (insert famous cartoon/tv-series here), they don’t even have a TV”.

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@rebbel wait… she gave them DVDs and no way to watch them?? Did I read that right?

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@TheOnlyNeffie I watch my DVD’s on a little personal, laptop player. We can also watch them in our car on the drop down screen.

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Yup, you did. Or she was intending to do so, can’t remember the exact story, but that was the main gist.

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@YARNLADY Who’s doing the driving and who’s doing the watching? :-)

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@rebbel I wish you remembered who it was. Bigtime fail right there. :\ I can’t decide if it’s funny or sad… lol.

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@lillycoyote The pull down screen cannot be seen from the drivers seat, but who said anything about going somewhere? We can watch it right there in our garage.

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I only watch two shows: Metalocalypse, the cartoon on Adult Swim, and currently on hiatus, and Mad Men, so, no, I wouldn’t miss it.

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@aprilsimnel GA all the way

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As long as I have my computer and the Internet, I’d be fine. I can download programs I really miss.

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I could do it if I had to, but I would prefer not to. I don’t watch much tv, but there are a few shows I really enjoy.

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I watch a lot of shows, but not on my television. The internet is taking over tv, just like it’s causing havoc among publishers and newspapers. These other mediums of entertainment and news have to learn to adapt.

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I had 1800 channels at one point, and all I watched was Xena. I wouldn’t miss cable TV, it blows ass.

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Yep. I prefer radio . . .

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Random Ass radio, Jon?

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@jjmah . . . none other

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You realize just how many commercials you are bombarded with when you take time off from tv. I really don’t watch much of it anymore. One suggestion for people who are trying to take a tv break is to go to iTunes-U and basically audit college classes from some of the nations top universities for free. You can learn so much and it costs you nothing… Highly recommended.

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I can live without it. I barely watch it anymore because I can’t find anything I like to watch.

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I could do without TV except during college football season.

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Funny…is there such a thing as too many choices?

I used to fret over missing my favorite shows. I owned a DVR prior to anyone really knowing what a DVR was. I disconnected it when I switched from cable to satellite.

Never got around to hooking it back up.

I’ve recently upgraded my satellite service to include the receiver with the built in dvr. I’ve recorded hours of programming. I have so many choices now I can’t decide what to watch and end up watching next to nothing.

So, I’m conflicted. I think I’d miss tv if I didn’t have access to it anymore, but…

…I’m not sure if I fully understand why?

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@SABOTEUR I think it’s because people get overwhelmed when there’s an abundance of choice. We do much better when there are only a few options (we still get to feel in control without feeling overwhelmed). It’s a flaw in our psychology.

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@YARNLADY Really, who did say anything about going anywhere? It sounds like a great afternoon to me. Enjoy!

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I don’t watch TV. Basically ever. Since I started in University, I just never bothered paying for cable or getting a TV. I don’t miss it whatsoever.

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I own a TV but I very rarely sit down and watch it. I’ve watched four of the latest Doctor Who season and I’ve watched a few of the World Cup matches, and that’s it so far. If I lived alone I would not own a TV.

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