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Do you want to eat children?

Asked by ubersiren (15152points) July 8th, 2010

If you see an adorable little kid or baby, do you often say, “I could just eat those little toes!” or “Those cheeks are like two little peaches!”

I do. I generally want to wallow in a pile of cute little kids… and then run away before they start getting whiny and grouchy.

Why do they look so tasty?

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Not children as much but to kiss a babie’s cheeks endlessly? Yes.
Silky smooth skin that smells wonderful, the little teeth on the bottom that pop up, the cute giggles, handing you things so you’ll say, “thank you”, ohhhhhh I love babies—esp ones about 9 months old. When they cry I want to hand them back!

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I thought for a minute you were actually asking about eating children. That’s one thing I’ve learned by being on my farm – when the animals piss you off, you can always eat them. When a kid pisses you off, you don’t have that luxury.

I too think babies are cute, and enjoy their super soft skin, but that’s only cause I never change their nappies…

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I have a friend who says that we only love our kids 90% because if we loved them 100% we would have to eat them!

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Baby cheeks (on their face)!!!! I love chubby, baby cheeks.

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Absolutely. I often say ”(s)he’s so cute I could just bite ‘em!”
and then I often do

I would say to my daughter when she was younger (just learning to talk):
me: “Hey – can I bite you?”
her: “No.”
me: “How’s about a nibble?”
her: “No…No nibble.”

And don’t even get me started on new baby smell – Mmmmm.

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Grilled Baby Back Ribs…. MMmmmm I am hungry.

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Ohhh! I DO!! I don’t even think before it comes out of my mouth… “you are so cute, I just want to eat you!”
It’s the cheeks that get me.
I’m also guilty of nibbling. I can’t help it. It’s a compulsion.

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When my kids were babies, oh god just the smell alone after they had a bath & put the talc on their peachy bum bum’s. Awwwwwww absolutely gorgeous.The smell, the touch, baby soft.Don’t know about eat but loved to blow raspberries on their tummies.Which incidentally so did they judging by the amount of giggles.Ahhh, happy, nappy days ;¬}

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when I taught school, there were a couple of critters i’d love to tie up and put in a pot to calm their butts down.

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Uh, no. Can’t say as I do.

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Yeah, i can have that urge sometimes too, they are just so radiating of love that they scream “Eat me!”.
Besides babies, i also have it every now and then with my girlfriend, especially whilst doing the love making thing.
I am sometimes completely without words or any other reaction that the only thing that wells up is the feeling of eating her!
So, sometimes, that is what i do.

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I kinda agree with @Aster , they’re so cute! But otherwise, no not really. But , if my little brother anooys me up to a point where it gets on my nerves, then yes.

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No, I’ve never said or thought of saying such a thing. I sounds somewhat perverse to me. I love children, I love to hug them and play with them, but beyond that – no.

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Yes, I really do(It is not the Herod coming out in me), but oh those chubby cheeks are my favorite, followed by little feet, hands and so on. I think they are the most gorgeous things on earth!

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I’m always chewing on my baby’s chunky thighs! He’s so cute! I don’t know what the instinct is about but I love it. I only have it for babies. Once they get mobile they talk and I’d usually rather flick them. lol

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@casheroo yep, I’m with you. Once they get to that phase then it’s pinching, for me.

LOL, it all sounds so cruel.. but it really isn’t.

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Hey @YARNLADY, you look kind of bitable yourself there.

nom, nom

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Eew. No. The only person I ever feel like eating is my wife.

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@tinyfaery – Yea! GA! ;-)

As in the place where babies come from?

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According to her, a baby will never come from there.

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That’s because you keep eating them! :-)

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Toesies! They look like corn nibblets! Nomnomnom!

And while I truly don’t want to eat a child, there are those who do!

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@cprevite your first response made me smile and think about what a lucky (and quite smart) little Boopachetta you have. Your second response made me want to GA you about 10 times over!

@tinyfaery you are my new hero.

@YARNLADY your response seems to have been slightly out of line with the spirit of the question. I am 100% certain that the word perverse could in no way be associated with the feeling @ubersiren is describing.

A word of warning to those with toddlers and younger babies! When my oldest was around two, one of his favorite books was More, More, More Said the Baby. There is a part in that book where the grandma “eats” the baby’s toes. The day I saw the oldest biting his little brother’s toes, I changed it so the grandma kissed the baby’s toes!

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@SuperMouse Agreed, but it looked like that to my literal eyes.

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@YARNLADY: Have I mentioned you have beautiful eyes?

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@cprevite I have two new heroes.

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(looks up from eating a sandwich)

uuh, no. no…not at all (hides the sandwich)

I did the nibble thing a few times to get giggles, but I wouldn’t say I feel compulsive about doing it when I see a cute little squishy.

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Ummm….NO. I’ve never used that saying either, ever, unless i’m talking about food. :)

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Hmmmmm… a word,no.

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I got to have a 12 month old baby fall asleep on my chest today. He is also the only boy who can get away with stuffing his hand down my top (something he likes doing). I love babies.

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Never, the only time I feel that way is when I see my fiance’s butt, honestly :P

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@tinyfaery lol… I could taste your contempt for me and my question about children through that comment, but it was funny anyway.

@Ludy Yeah, baby. Same cannibalistic concept!

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I adore puppies and babies, but not to eat. There is something with a feline-type pet-name about which I feel very differently!

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@ubersiren Your assumption is incorrect.

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@tinyfaery Ok. My apologies, then.

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Yes, I do. My kids and I even made up a silly game we call “Arm Sandwich”. We make a pretend sandwich on the forearm, adding both traditional sandwich goodies and gross stuff like toenails and eyeballs. After a good five minutes of laying it all out on the arm, we get to ‘eat’ it. I always tell them they taste delicious!

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@augustlan That’s unspeakably adorable.

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No but like others I do have a weakness for wanting to bite my SO’s butt and I sometimes do.

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Update! A lady in a store said she wanted to eat my baby’s ham hocks yesterday.

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Apparently this need to nibble children in an epidemic.

@ubersiren: best question title ever by the way.

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This question just makes me grin, every time I see it. :D

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I ate under my son’s chin today, then gnawed his arm for awhile until he said he was all through being gobbled by me. ;)

This delicacy goes beyond children in our home. I have a couple of animals that also appreciate me munching on them when we’re playing.

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