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What type of artwork would you actually purchase?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) July 8th, 2010

As a photographic artist, I’m interested in what type of artwork you would shell out your hard earned cash for. It could be anything. Music, sculpture, paintings… pink flamingo yard ornaments… and of course photography.

What styles are you most interested in?

Are your tastes dark and moody, bright and cheery, or perhaps personalized to a particular style… (do you collect bovine prints?).

Are your purchases based upon collectible works designed to increase in value? Are they purely decorative accents to a stylized room? Are they keepsakes to commemorate vacations?

Do you browse garage sales, attend arts fairs, buy from the internet, or pursue gallery works?

Do you want it framed and matted from the artist, or just get the print that you have custom framed?

Does a signed work justify a higher price? Reprint or Original?

Sunsets and sailboats, floral, kittens, journalism or erotica? Is it worth more if previously published in a book? Limited edition or open editions?

How large? Giant 40×60 or manageable 11×14… smaller, larger?

How much would you spend without feeling cheap, and without feeling guilty?

What stirs your art purchasing decisions?

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Original oils that I really like from an emerging artist.

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I buy vintage photographs, American folk art, and Outsider or “Naive” art.

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I love art but I can’t name a specific medium or style. I have abstract watercolors and aboriginal rock art, wood carvings and bone carvings, fabric and tapestry. I have some furniture that I consider works of art. I have pen and ink drawings, etchings, prints. I simply buy what I like, sometimes even when I couldn’t really afford it. I do have some photography as well. If it makes my heart sing then I have to have it. I prefer smaller pieces, then I can have more. I have a few very well known artists and many no one has ever heard of.

You asked a lot of questions, did I get most of them???

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I create my own art, and I don’t purchase much of anyone else.

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Hmmmm, i’ve never really bought something that i would even consider “art”...hehe, unless windchimes count? If i were to buy real art though (as in paintings), it’d be something depicting natural sceneries or maybe animals, especially african animals – they’re my favourite.

What i like though is building puzzles and having them framed. I have a few that i’ve built over time and want to frame them now – most of them are of lions, and then there are some other random designs that i thought pretty or interesting. So, framed puzzles are something different to the ordinary, and i like different. :)

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Large framed pictures of oceans and sunrises/sunsets do it for me as well as pictures of old ships. I have several 30×60 of these pictures hanging in my parlor and living room. I enjoy taking pictures with my digital camera of landmarks/bodies of water around me framing them as well into smaller pictures. I’m somewhat of an amateur photographer myself (laughing). I used to enjoy painting my own pictures (used to be good at it) when I was a little kid and teen but have gotten away from it over the years. Maybe down the road I will get into painting/drawing again.

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I like black and white candid landscapes. Like those Parisian street photos.

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I have paintings in ink, watercolor and acrylics,hand-colored prints,,stoneware ,raku,horsehair raku,and porcelain pottery,arts and crafts style tiles,stained glass,blown glass,blown glass with metal work,pencil drawings,handmade jewelry,photographs,turned wood boxes and bowls,clay sculptures,textiles,carved wood,and many drawings from nieces and nephews.
Some.I’ve purchased,some I’ve traded for with my own artwork.I buy or trade if I like it.—I have a print that made me cry when I saw it—It has to appeal to me in a few different ways.
.I love it all!:)

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Something that matches the couch cushions and the drapes! ;) Our turtle even had to match the green couch!

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I collect Native American jewelry (wearable art), geodes, display specimens of minerals, rocks, fossils and semiprecious stones, writing instruments, walking canes, Murano glass, cobalt glass and crystal, art glass figurines, carved stone figurines, vases, clocks and watches, neon signs, railroad lanterns, decorative plates and all types of framed art (originals and limited issue serigraphs, photographs, etc), as well as some yard art.. I love statues and figurines particularly those of bronze but many other materials as well. Their subjects include animals, birds, cowboys, indians, mythology, fantasy, some contemporary people, unicorns, pegasus, some religious (buddha, etc), and knights (inc a 10 foot tall one guarding our home). .
See ya….......Gary/wtf

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Oh yes, i have crystals too, they’re natural arts if you ask me. :) Do candles count?

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prefer the art works of a friend….would mean more! like @lucillelucillelucille, would buy her paintings! I don’t have the knowledge of art to appreciate a good painting, so, i prefer painting of someone special to me. Like Spunky…would love to have a painting of her!

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I like earthy or worldly themed artwork that seems to tell some story. Sometimes I like kitchy stuff or antique looking things, but I particularly like items that look like something Anansi the spider would tell a tale about.

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I sometimes buy art off of the internet from a group known as Daily Painters. They list a very diverse selection of paintings that changes on a daily basis. Check them out… it’s a great site.

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@whatthefluther We would enjoy touring one another’s homes.

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Original cels from classic animated movies, original pencil/inks from comic books. I’m an artist myself, so I’m really picky about what goes on my wall.

I also really like postcards of artworks, like from Modernism and prior. Postmodern art can suck a goat.

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I’m usually more into acrylic paintings and my favorites are the vector style paintings/characters. I’m not sure how that translates to photography.

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@dpworkin….....Undoubtedly, and certain to go beyond the art (good food, good wine and good conversation). There are no rules in our home for welcomed guests, just facts of the abode: 1). be prepared to walk single file (there is nary a spare square inch of floor space…...and please don’t step on the dog); 2). if vacant wall space is required for your comfort…..forget about it (you will not be comfortable): 3). do not try to take it all in, in one visit (I have friends that when visiting will sit in the same chair across from the same curio, containing the same pieces for tens years and I still always get “wow, when did you get that piece?” Gift giving is easy though {I was not aware it was a friends birthday until just prior to her visit last night. She had made comments on some Murano glass pieces during several prior visits. Needless to say she was ecstatic to be taking a couple of those pieces home with her}).
See ya….Gary/wtf
PS: Reservations not required/advanced notice appreciated

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I generally buy original prints – etchings or lithographs – and tend to be drawn to abstracted realism (if that’s the right term.) Most of the art in my house has been bought because it captures a mood or a feeling that I love or relate to. I also buy contemporary pottery, especially teapots.

For the Florida place, pink flamingos are definitely the look!

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Do prints from Ikea and Target count? If so, I like scenery and cafe / coffeehouse themes. Regarding actual artwork (non- mass produced), I would like to buy photos depicting an epic journey. I prefer B&W or sepia, but some color is fine too. I like buying posters and frames separately. Also, I like the idea of buying original artwork from travel destinations. It really depends on the color scheme, too. If I were to buy a painting, I’d want something vibrant and cheerful. To me, paintings for my home should be alive and emotion-provoking. However, I want photo and prints to be static and thought-provoking.

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Functional art. For example, I adore Art Deco furniture and just about everything else from that period. My wife has hung some pictures around the house, but I like to have art that serves some purpose other than just being something to look at.

This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate that. I visit the Art Institute of Chicago fairly often – but I could never afford anything like what I see there.

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@whatthefluther That would be a dream.

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My biggest and most expensive piece is a huge 5×5 acrylic modern/abstract painting I purchased about 5 years ago from an amazing local artist.

I am partial to all mediums, sculpture ( clay, wood, metal, glass ), carvings, paintings, and all sorts of odd and unque ‘just because’ weirdnesses.

Commssoned an artist last year to do a custom portrait in graphite of my Chinese gander ‘Marwyn’ and framed it with a black laquer oriental frame with bamboo matting to complement my predominantly, asian/ modern, early thrift store ambience. haha

I also have a lamp fetish, lol, have a metal italian tulip lamp, a strange 50’s metal ‘pod’ lamp, a black bamboo basket lamp and various other mood lighting eclectic light sources.

I also collect ethnic drums as art and for functional playing pleasure, including Djembe’s, Bendre’s, Celtics, Navaho’s and assorted Congas and bongos.

And, I also am always looking for fun and bizarre odds and ends like naked headhunter guy in my avatar…he lives in the bamboo jungle on my deck and it is mandatory that all female guests rub his penis for good luck and the men pay their respects to what can happen to wayward philanderers. hahahaha

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Yes @Coloma. I’ve found that good fortune comes to all women who rub my penis too.

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I like oils of abstract landscapes in the impressionist/colorist styles. As far as photography, I like landscapes and cityscapes that make you want to stop and take a look. I tend to prefer photography with vivid colors, although I have some black-and-whites that are really cool.

I’ve found that student art from the local university is a terrific way to brighten up your home when on a budget, and also help young artists make a little cash and get some encouragement.

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My daughter who is a talented painter is now experimenting with digitally transferred photos onto canvas turning them into portraits.

I’m excited to see her first creations soon.

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Pottery/ceramic wall pieces, glass wall art, some watercolor, oil or pencil but it really depends on what grabs my eye and I’m not particular as to where I come across things. The most expensive art I’ve paid fcash or has been a glass lamp built by a now deceased artist friend, it was negotiated at $650. There are several glass wall “paintings” I own that I bartered for a bit more expensive than that but most else has been found in antique/consignment stores. I’m a rug and tapestry person, if I could then many thousands of dollars would be underfoot.

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I have just become a fan of Rodney White. His art looks like weathered signs and has a retro feeling to them. I also love modern retro art by such artists as Derek Yaniger and Shag. I have purchased some print on canvas of Rodney’s and a couple of posters. Wish I could afford an original! I have a limited edition Shag litograph, ditto on the original. It feels good to have original art pieces on the wall and it doesn’t matter who created them as long as it moves you. I have gotten a couple of small pieces at starving artists shows that I cherish. I’m a fan of water colors and have a few by local artists mostly in fly fishing subject matter. There are a couple of Oregon Coast Artists living around Florence OR worth mentioning for coastal sea scapes, fishing boats and wharf towns. Katheryn Davis and George Miliken. I don’t buy art for investment, I couldn’t get rid of them.

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We shelled out some bucks for a Thomas Kinkaid reprint with “COA.” I like his art unless it’s TOO colorful/cheesy. Ours looks like oil whatever that means. It isn’t flat.
We have inherited a lot of antique , mostly signed and numbered but also some original botanicals and antique watercolors. I’d love an Akiane and a Picasso but I Highly Doubt I’ll ever own either! Any org sketch by John Lennon would be a treasure.
I have some wood carvings, a nice 6” hand carved ivory of a Japanese woman we inherited. I like Bob Lilly’s photography. Still lifes don’t move me. I think my fav of what we have are our 18” tall
Frederick Remington bronzes. They’re special because they have Huge black marble bases. A Russell bronze was “lost” in the move. We have a piece I did in Jr High my mother had framed. All in black and gray. Mothers, you know. /-: I’m running out of wallspace and haven’t thought of getting any more art. I know nothing about art, really. Just came into most of it.
English furniture I’d squeeze into closets if I had to.

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Is always a gentleman!
One that proves himself over and over again. :-)

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@Coloma why thank you my friend! I try…

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@Coloma -I couldn’t agree with you more :)

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I just purchased a five pound crystal elephant. No idea where to put it but I wanted it. I don’t know if it should have light from a window behind it or color behind it. I have no animal theme going anywhere.
problems, problems..

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With an invisible elephant in the room, the possibilities are endless.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies You are fascinating! lol

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Boo Boo IS sweet. ((-;

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