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So, what do you really think about Joe Biden?

Asked by lillycoyote (24817points) July 11th, 2010

As a Delaware native, and on again-off again, mostly on again, long term resident, I haven’t always been happy with him as our Senator, I haven’t always supported some of the legislation that he has supported but… anyway, he used to kind of just be ours and we’re pretty used to him; now he’s the nation’s, in some ways, the world’s… so do love him? Hate him? Not sure? Can’t decide? Mixed feelings?

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I look at his record and I’m impressed by some of his accomplishments, for a politician that is. He also seems like a great family man (impossible to know 100%) which is important for me in determining how I feel about someone.

Then I hear him speak sometimes and am astounded by his political naivety – or just dumbness. He is a contradiction in terms – but then, aren’t we all sometimes?

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I wish he had remained in the Senate. I think he would have been better support to Obama there than as his Veep.

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I like him. He’s not the best public speaker, but talk to him one on one and it’s a different experience (at least in my opinion). As a Delaware native, I had to opportunity to meet him and speak with him on several occasions. I think he was a good Senator and I think he is a valuable VP.

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He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to foreign policy, and I think he is unfairly caricatured. It reminds me of when Gerald Ford was president: he was really quite a self-assured athlete, but once Chevy Chase got people thinking he was clumsy, that’s the image that stuck.

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He seems sincere enough and then he opens his mouth! He needs a more portable teleprompter!

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He would have done better to stay in the Senate, like Dan Quayle.

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