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Do most girls/women want to be thought of or in the mind of their significant other?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 12th, 2010

I’m asking this because I was talking to my friend and she said that Amber’s very lucky to have someone like me. I answered why is that? My friend said “because you always think about her. I think it’s so romantic.” So it came to my attention. Do most girls like being thought of? (not with presents and stuff like that more in the mental region) Since I’ve heard quite a few that need more space than to be thought of. So…..Do girl like to be in the thoughts of their significant other?

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As long as the guys don’t obsess about them. Maintain your other interests and activities too. It makes you more interesting

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I cannot speak for most girls, but I can speak for one. I really appreciate when my husband shows some small consideration for my likes or dislikes- it shows that he pays attention to minor details and is thinking of me. I also prefer a random wildflower or a short sweet email- to a big production and expensive gift. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the nice ones too- but it means so much more when you know they do things because it just crossed their mind and not because it was expected. I think people, of both sexes, like to know they are important to someone, whether romantically or otherwise.

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Now that I see you are in middle school- I have to alter my answer slightly. I should have checked before I answered. Girls your age very different and insecure. I do not really remember that age, but I believe that she will like to know that you are interested in her, but don’t go overboard. I’m sorry I could not be more help. I know you don’t want to hear this, but school is much more important right now…lol

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Thinking about us a little bit is sweet. Thinking about us all the time is creepy.

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Well, yes, i guess so.

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I know I certainly like to be in the mind of my loved one the way he is in my mind however, I don’t need to dominate his thoughts 24/7.

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I like knowing that my husband thinks about me throughout his day. It’s sweet and reminds me how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband.

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I’ll take a considerate man over a selfish one any day :)

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Yes, but a guy should have other interests as well, and do things. Just not other girl interests. What gets really hard for girls is when a guy makes them responsible for the guy’s happiness. You have to maintain your own life and interests as well.

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Consideration is lovely. Obsession is scary.

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Of course it is good to think about the person but there is definitely a point where expressing that to the other person turns in to creepy

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I think that if you think about her and show that you do care about her, then yes, most girls do appreciate it.
Going a bit overboard isn’t wise.

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Yeah… I’d like to think my boyfriend goes about his day, and I slip in there every now and then and make him smile or feel a bit warmer… like he does for me.

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This one does.

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I sure do if not what is the point? What? you just have someone for the sake of having someone? When either you meet someone or you feel all loved up does that significant other not cross your mind and when your in a serious or commited relationship your ways of thinking changes coz you are no longer thinking bout yourself you think about your other too, not even just to talk about girlfriend/boyfriend relations or married couples you also think bout other loved ones too such as family, friends ect… well I know i do.

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I think it definitely depends on the person. I’m one of those that likes to be thought of. I do believe my boyfriend thinks of me a lot, and it feels really good. There’s just something wonderful about someone who hasn’t known you your whole life can still be so interested and absorbed in you. I think that’s what most girls think about it.

But, some girls are just different, and do like more space and probably get annoyed if their partner says “I’m thinking about you” and things like that. I wouldn’t know much about that, but I hope what I said helps!!!

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