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Question for Females about periods?

Asked by tan235 (877points) July 17th, 2010

hey all,
I have a question about painful periods, my last period was so painful I ended up at the doctors thinking something inside me was exploding, i was sweating, and shaky, not dizzy but she said i had border line low blood pressure – and that was that, she sent me home and told me i was unlucky.
This was by far the worst period i’ve ever had – does this sound normal?
As I get older my periods hurt more and more, although I have been way more stressed than normal, hugely so.
Can this affect your period pain?
I am about to get it again and am already anxious as i don’t want to have to go through this pain again – has anyone else been through this, it was horrible!
sorry kinda a question and kinda support as well.

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Did you go to a gynecologist or a family doctor? Did they do a full exam?

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i went to a family doctor, she felt my tummy and everything, i had no pain or anything when she touched it… she said that if anything was exploding i’d hurt when she touched it and she gave me a pregnancy test… i wasn’t pregnant….

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I would make an appointment with a gynecologist and have her do a full pap smear, pelvic exam etc. There could be something causing this pain that needs to diagnosed correctly and perhaps easily taken care of. The is no reason to suffer this kind of pain during a period. If nothing is found, perhaps she can put you on a medication to aleve your pain during periods.

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yeah totally, i definitely don’t want to think that I just have to deal with this pain every month… just worried that it might be something really bad.

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It could be something like a cyst on your ovary, something easily taken care of. Please don’t go through years of suffering for no real reason like I did.

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It sounds like endometriosis. See a gynecologist !

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yeah I am trying for a baby as well, endometriosis scares me! actually anything to do with painful periods scare me as it must mean something abnormal is going on, however surely some woman must just get painful periods?

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I would recommend seeing a gyno. If your periods were normal, to you, for a long time then they suddenly start becoming incredibly painful- that warrants a trip to the gyno.

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Painful periods are normal. But if they take you to the floor in agony most months
that’s not normal.

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Low blood pressure doesn’t cause pain. I’m not sure from your narrative if that’s what you took from the doctor’s statement. Try exercising (leg lifts and sit ups) to help with the pain. Some women also use a heat pad. You have to get a grip on this as you have many periods ahead of you.

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yeah… no i just surprised that i had low blood pressure as i never have before, so i gather it must have been caused by dehydration or something, or just a bad bad period?
Does anyone else have periods this bad?
seems like i’m quite alone in this much pain.

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The people around you will tire of hearing about this every month. This is part of female life. I agree that you might should see another GYN doctor to be sure there is nothing wrong. Then learn how to deal. I don’t like to take pills so I never suggest it, but my daughter used Mydol during her teens to help with the pain. I always exercised and drank extra fluids and skipped the pills. All of the females in my family have blood pressure on the low side. It’s not a big deal like high BP. Good luck.

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Have your periods been unusually heavy? I had fibroid tumors the last 8 years or so before menopause which didn’t cause terrible pain but did cause heavy bleeding and anemia. They were removed surgically without a hysterectomy and I was fine. You need to see a gynecologist.

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Go to a GYN. One thing you may request, from your regular doctor, if you do not want to go to a GYN, is an ultrasound. I did that, and they found a huge cyst on an ovary. That did cause intense pain during my periods.

Then I saw a GYN and had it surgically removed. 3” x 5” x 8”. Not a small thing on something normally the size of an almond.

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You shouldn’t be experiencing this kind of pain.

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I was diagnosed with endometriosis over 8 years ago. I was having abdominal pain that I didn’t think was related to my period. Over that 8 years my period went from normal to very heavy and very painful. I tried everything to calm it down but what ultimately worked was discontinuing the use of tampons. Once I had stopped using them it only took 4 months for my body to get back to a period that was normal and I no longer have any pain.

That being said, you could have some complications like uterine fibroids or cysts and the only way you’ll find out is if you see an ob/gyn.

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I’m not sure what your idea of a really bad period pain is, but mine have always been very painful and i have to take pain killers when it starts, just for the first day or so. Mine don’t come with low blood pressure or anything else you were talking about though. I know it shouldn’t be normal and that it’s caused by some imbalance in your body or dietary issues or something like that – so a total overhaul of ones diet could fix the problem.
I’d also say go see an ob/gyn.

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I am thinking cyst. Get on over to your ob/gynecologist. My cyst did not hurt when pressed on and it was huge. When it finally burst I have never had another. Just was a really strong membrane the fluid could not burst to fling the egg out to the tube for the rest of its trip. I am going to whisper this: The extra sex to make that baby could cause a muscle cramp. The uterus is said to be the strongest muscle in the human body. It might have been having a good time and having a few cramps now. But do see your ob/gyn doctor.

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