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What type of accent do you have?

Asked by kapuerajam (917points) July 26th, 2010 from iPhone
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I don’t have an accent. Everybody else does, though.

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I think it’s called a general American accent. I’ve been told that the way people speak in this area.. is the same accent that national news anchors try to mimic. I’m not 100% sure that’s true, but I have heard it more than once.

Edit: (I actually just googled to see if there was a name for this dialect, and I came across several posts that said the same as I posted above. Apparently our accent is very “neutral.”)

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A French accent from France, but since more than half my life I’ve actually spoken English, whenever I speak in French people think I’m Italian.

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I have a decidely American accent. I have dealt with many Europeans in my business transactions and they agree I am very American sounding. Somehow, I don’t think that’s a compliment :)

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General American, like a news reader. But if I’m around Wisconsinites, after a while I’ll speak in the dulcet upper Midwest tones of my youth. Oh, yah, dere.

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People say I sound “Canadian”. I have never lived in Canada and I do not have a clue what a “Canadian” accent would sound like.

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north of mexico accent ! haha (it may sound as american southern one)

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sort of a Southern Yankee….Damn Yankee, that is

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Canadian accents sound different depending on west or east and west sounds like the northwestern States. I’m Albertan so I have no accent at all! I just sound everyday.

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It depends on where I am, and who I am around. I catch on accents real fast, but for everyday use, I have a neutral accent.

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Northern England, kind of geordie but not, if ya nar worra mean like.

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South African. Which sounds to me to be accentless when compared to other counties, haha.

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I live in Kansas, and I’ve heard that people in Kansas have a nasally sound. Of course, I don’t know it, because I’ve lived here all my life. I do know that when we’ve traveled to other parts of the country people thought we were “southern”.

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I met a New Yorker while I was in Thailand – he said I had a Californian accent. He, indeed, had a New York accent.

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English, and slightly posh, mostly lacking in any regional definition. Only once in my life has anyone correctly identified what part of England I come from by my accent.

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Bronx. Hot dawg, cawfee, mawl, wit instead of with….

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pixburgh. we’re a proud breed.

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I have lived most of my life in Tennessee and i have a southern accent to prove it.

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A mixture of American and British English. When I was in high school in Germany, British English was still the norm. My time in Kansas didn’t undo all of that.

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I sound a bit, well, Picardish.

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NE USA mixed w/a touch of the South .
Picardish sounds GREAT @zenele !!

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