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Do you clean up for the cleaning lady?

Asked by jca (36062points) July 28th, 2010

Do you clean up in preparation for the arrival of the cleaning lady?

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I pick up some of the clutter (books, papers, machine parts, etc) that she might not know where they belong, but cleaning the house is her job, otherwise what am I paying her for?

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Strangely enough, I don’t have a cleaning lady.

I’m considering looking for one, aged 18–25, slim and athletic. In case anyone is interested.

But I would probably put away the more embarrassing items or stuff I don’t want wantonly tossed in the trash.

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Hahaha..I am waiting on the housekeeprs right NOW!

Yep…put away the laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, am taking the cat litter box out and have the pet fur removal thing on standby to defuzz my black chairs from the siamese twins!

I am on the verge of running in to make my bed now…cuz that leaves them more time to do the hardcore stuff.

Women…we are nuts!

Pay someone $200 bucks to clean your haouse and do half of it oursleves first. Haha

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Yes I do clean for the cleaning lady, because I AM the cleaning lady.

Never had anyone come to my home and clean for me, but if I did have someone then I think I would most certainly tidy things before they arrived. ... don’t want anyone to think I am an untidy person LOL

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@Coloma I can’t speak for the people who clean homes, but can for those that clean hotel rooms based upon personal experience. I’ve got enough stories tucked away that could make your toes curl and create a sitcom that would last more than one season.

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When I had a cleaning guy, I did pick up before he came. Now I do my own. My kids could never understand why they had to clean for the cleaner.

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Yes, because I organize, she cleans. Why waste her time doing what I do better—finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place?

What I can’t do worth a crap is get everything deep clean, no dust, no almost invisible soap scum or grime in the bathroom, no little dust bunnies under the sofa and under the bed. Unearthing a treasure trove of small skinny things my cat chased under the sofa, getting the oven, burners, and refrigerator like new again etc

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I do some…...i want a cleaning man…..

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My wife does. She gets really mad if I leave something out on the kitchen counter, because she doesn’t want our cleaning lady wasting her time on dishes.

I think my wife attempts to organize things as well, but I have no idea why. The cleaning lady always puts things in the wrong place when she isn’t hiding them entirely. Once we lost a phone handset. We looked and looked and couldn’t find it. Finally I remembered that we could call it on intercom and track down the ring.

It was hidden in a basket on the top shelf of a set of shelves in the bathroom. Go figure!

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Yes, i’d try to clean up some of the clutter and things lying around, so that they’re not in her way when she has to do her work. (but i don’t have a maid anymore).

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Yes, when I had one, I picked up before she came.

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Only on Friday’s, well that is casual sex day after all. Or is that a Thursday?

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I am the cleaning lady. So NO!

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No cleaning lady, but I do straighten the house if I know the police are coming! My kids still tease me about it. “OK, kids. The cops are coming. Let’s get the place picked up!”

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@Dutchess_III Now that’s funny. LOL

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I had a housekeeping job years ago and always swore that when I could afford the service I’d be an awesome employer.

I leave a nice tip, tell them to listen to music on my laptop, help themselves to whatever in the fridge and, I LEAVE!

I used to hate being hovered over.

Besides, IMO, it is better for them to be left to do their thing and…it is more satisfying to me to come home to an amazingly clean house….like I just did about 45 minutes ago! :-)

My gardener buddy is coming for the yard stuff and to bring a truckload of sand for the corral…it’s going to be one of those great days, alls good in & out, for a little awhile again. lol

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I wouldn’t let anyone touch my computer. At all.

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Eh…I’m easy…no worries. :-)

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Yes, I pay her by the hour, and I want her to do the heavy cleaning, not picking up clothes and putting away books.

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@Coloma With my luck, the cleaning lady would be a cyber criminal. And I’d get a nice letter from the RIAA asking me to pay $350,000 for the Justin Beiber songs I downloaded.

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The service I use is licensed and bonded. Anything missing or damaged, I’m covered. But..I know the girls well and I trust them totally.

They LOVE me cuz I am friendly and generous, AND…it’s fun to come hang out with my geese and cats too!

I wouldn’t call someone off of Craigslist. lol

Infact…they told me a funny story recently.
Some wealthy guy in a nearby high end development that called a nude maid service while his wife was out of town.

Some expensive jewelry came up missing and he had to confess, to the police and the wife. Uh oh..I smell a doghouse divorce unfolding. hahahaha

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@Coloma Oh. That’s the kind I was gonna get :(

Um.. At what point did the guy stop watching the nude woman cleaning his house so she could nab the jewels?

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I dunno…musta been a secret stashing place…let your imagination run wild. lolol

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I can’t afford a cleaning lady, so…....... no I do not clean up for the cleaning lady!

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I bet you could tell some stories! lol

I always leave my hotel rooms decent when I leave.
Hang up the towels, straighten the bed, the basic courtesies.

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this question made me laugh! my dad always cleans up before the cleaning lady comes… i guess it makes sense to have things put away so she can actually clean (but our house and apartment were always nearly immaculate)

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But @Coloma the time to hang up your towels is while you are there. Then they don’t have to take them away every day [throwing a towel or washcloth on the floor is a signal that you want fresh ones]. When you leave you might as well throw them on the floor. They have to be changed out anyway and it may be easier to pick up one bundle than removing them from all the racks. Sane with the bed—why make it up? It is harder to strip that way.

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Oh yeah, I don’t actually make the bed, just pull the covers up and the towel thing depends. If I want fresh towels I will toss them over the tub or whatever, my point is just that I don’t purposely leave a mess just because I can. lol

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I know some people whose house is absolutely cluttered! I mean, there is crap everywhere. Kid’s toys and clothes everywhere. Every flat surface is taken up with STUFF. They have a dismantled trains set in their front yard, that kind of thing. But, I’ve noticed that the actual floors, walls, tub, sink, what you can see of said flat surfaces etc. are quite clean. Immaculate, in fact. I happen to know that they have quite a bit of money, so I’m sure they have a cleaning lady come in….but I wonder how she works in that confusion!

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Ha ha ha. Yes, I’m sure I would. I do for hotel housekeepers.

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I own a cleaning service and we’ve coined a term called “premaidification”. Some people go a little over board and actually clean everything before we arrive. But in most cases, the pre-cleanup is important so that we can start cleaning as soon as we enter the home. Organizing things such as toys, clothing and important papers is a necessary evil (unless you hire an organizing service too!)

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