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Where is your favorite vacation destination?

Asked by naconasong (371points) July 29th, 2010

How often do you get to go there?

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Favorite would be Roatan Honduras been there once…prettiest place I have ever been. But for regular get away from it all it would be the North woods of Wisconsin…Manitowish Waters area is so peaceful and crystal clear water, blues skies in the day and star filled skies at night. Try to get there every summer!

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Staying right here on my own farm. I traveled all over the world in my former career, I’m burned out on it.

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Mine is Flagstaff, with a drive to Grand Canyon included. I’ve been taking short vacations there for many years and love the place. One of my fantasies is to live there in a cabin in the woods… and then I guess my favorite vacation destination would be Austin. ;-)

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We go to North WIldwood, NJ every summer for our family vacation. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and I love it! Clean free beach, boardwalk with amusements and fun food, water parks, Historic Cape May just down the road, day trips to Cold Spring Village and Cape May Zoo…
(the “adult vacation” spot is Vegas though…)

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Any place but the house.

BoBo1946's avatar too @Dutchess_III !

My favorite is St. Croix and Jackson Hole, Wy! i should have been a cowboy!

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We go to Disney World once a year but I would love to go to Hawaii!!! Oh! Yeah

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@Frenchfry I’ve never had a desire to go to Disney world. I just see tons and tons and tons of people. I guess I don’t get the attraction. What’s it like?

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Someplace I’ve never been.

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Lincoln City, Oregon. I get to go every few years or so and I always hate leaving. I’d love to go to Greece one day.

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@Dutchess_III Well it’s fun . If you like rides, rollercoasters and fun parks. If you like Disney which I grew up with . They have parades, and touristy stuff. It is pretty cool

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I guess…I don’t really like touristy stuff. I prefer camping, solitude, peace and quiet. Just the sound of the birds, the rain on the camper, the wind blowing in the trees…...WTH? Wwhat’s all that screeching and yodeling??? Ya’ll trying to drive me crazy. Get out of my campsite! Stop!

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Aruba is heaven on earth. It only rains about five minutes a day, the locals are friendly, the water is clear and a beautiful blue, the sand is white, and the food is fantastic. The only thing that I didn’t care for was the wind. While there, everyday for me was a bad hair day.

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Northern Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

I love the wilderness, good fishing, and peacefulness of the area. It’s very relaxing.

We’ve gone every year for the past ten years. We now have children entering college, so the trips will be less frequent.

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I have a friend who owns a little place in Aruba one day I want to go there with her and my Sis!

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Yes, it’s high on my list. Not this year, though. Arizona and Utah.

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Orere Point Caravan Park, New Zealand… Proberly because it’s the only place I have really been to my whole life… I really need a change.

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@mattbrowne Arizona and Utah??? I want to go to New England and New York State (not to be confused with NY, NY.)

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If I have to leave the farm, my preferred destinations are the Gaspesie of Quebec or Rangeley Lakes in Maine.

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Maybe once a year I go to Eureka Springs, AR. Its amaaaaaazing

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