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Do you and any of your neighbors have keys to each other's houses or apartments?

Asked by lillycoyote (24810points) July 29th, 2010

My next door neighbors and I have keys to each other’s houses in case of emergencies, and there has been at least one real emergency, and it also helps if either of us lock ourselves out of the house, of course. We are very close and our families have lived next door to each other for a very long time.

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My business partner and I are next door neighbors. We have each others house keys. She also has keys to the barn, machine shed and most of the vehicles.

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No. Most of the neighbors here are really nosy and will talk about you behind your back – not the kind of person you’d like to give an extra set of keys to…they’d be talking about your out of season curtains or outdated couch or something you wouldn’t like them to go off and tell everyone else about… I would even bet they’d at least go in to your home once just to see what it looks like when you’re away and they have the key. It sounds stupid but that’s how some of my neighbors are.

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Yes, my neighbor and I have keys to each others house.

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I used to have this arrangement with my next door neighbours but after one died and the other moved away I don’t any more. There isn’t anyone left around here that I would trust.

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I’m not that close with my neighbors although there is one lady across the street that seems to know everyone’s business. Although I think she is a nosy but good-nature person, I would not give her an extra set of house keys. Then again, my front door has an electronic lock.

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No. Don’t know them or trust them that much.

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Wife and i have lived in the same house for 40 years. we have three trusty neighbors and we all have knowledge of where the house keys are located, in cases of emergency. we are fortunate to live in a single dwelling house and have great neigbors. many people, who live in apartments, are not so fortunate.

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A house-mate installed one of these. It is fantastic…if you remember the code.

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The in-laws have proven in the past to be very nosy, so no keys have ever been offered to them. My best friend does have the code to our keyless entry in case there is ever a problem.

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LOL! No…I live in New Jersey…..

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Yes. Multiple neighbors have a key. Now that I think about it, most families I know have the same arrangement.

It’s strange that good people need a key when the bad people really don’t.

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Don’t have a house or apt. If I did, Heck No.

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