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What's your room like?

Asked by gggritso (5449points) August 8th, 2010

We all like to discuss where jellies are from in the world, but I thought it would be fun to see what kind of surroundings people Fluther from.

My room is pretty spartan (aside from all the fancy toys, I guess), but here you go!

Now let’s see yours!

P.S. If you need a quick and convenient way to upload a picture, use Imgur – it’s free, safe and does not require any kind of registration.

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Nobody sees a picture of my environment! I invented the concept of clutter!

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very small. to much crap. organized, paint peeled off, a drawing of a lady with chains, cozy.

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I call it ‘Chaotic Organization.’ It’s the same paint from when I was a child. A different color on each wall, a bright red closet, and lime green on the baseboards (it complements the blue carpet). However, it has modern furniture and sane decorations.

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@gggritso Your room fits you. Mine is very feminine. 3 walls are lavender, 1 wall is cream colored. The curtains are very thin, grape colored, flowy. I have a cream colored comforter, hard wood floors. A dresser and a big jewerly chest. Nothing out, nothing sitting on top of anything.

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You can see my office in the background of my avatar including Mr Potato Bee Head up on the shelf! The most organized mayhem you can find!

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omg…I let several of you jellies look at my bedroom every Friday night. You know who you are. ;)

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities How big is your room? You’ve been writing for half an hour.

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Anally neat.

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My room is a basement room, so it stays pretty cool throughout the year. As you open my door and walk inside, the first thing that catches your eye is a large antique map of the world. Just below that is a good sized bonsai tree I’ve had for about six years. To the left, you see my computer, which sits on a table just below the only window in the room. The desk is kept free of clutter (as is the majority of the room) aside from a few cd’s and a bit of mail. You turn a 180, and walk into the rest of my room (which is L-shaped). Along the right hand side is an extra long brown suede couch, which is perfect for napping. To the left is my TV and coffee table. Above the coffee table rests a half-full cup of coffee from earlier in the day. Below the coffee table are some of my DVD’s (Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Arrested Development, and a few others). On the other side of the room you see a framed Ansel Adams print, accompanied by a few of my own photographs. Below them is my bookshelf, which houses an odd assortment of books, but features quite a few works by John Muir, Stephen King, Robert Heinlein, and Peter Matthiessen. Beside the bookshelf is the foot of my bed, which is made, and consists of two pillows and a navy blue comforter atop the mattress and box springs. Near the bed is a small fan which is very loud (perfect for creating white noise to help me fall asleep) and a tall square lamp with some shelving below the light. Here’s the one. It’s the only light in the room that is on. An oddly shaped cactus sits on one of the shelves. In a nearby corner stands my snowboard, dusty from months of non-use.

Well, that’s what it looks like most of the time, anyways. If I were home now I’d send a picture, but alas, I’m not.

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It’s the bedroom/dressing room/entertainment center/office/music room. It’s big (for NYC) and it’s orange.

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My description is going to be boring, and it’s going to make the room sound boring. Fitting, though, because it is. It’s a square room, whose walls fit right in with a compass.
My north wall is my closet. I’ve got old school books, some boxed food, my clothes, and other junk in there.
In the northeast corner, in a small space left between the desk and the closet, are some other old school books, a trash bin, and occasionally a pack of soda.
The east wall is where my desk is. It’s got my computer, printer, clock, and the things I need day-to-day.
In the southeast corner, in a void left between my desk and bed, I have an oscillating fan and a light like this (Nowhere near as fancy, though).
On the south wall is my window, and my bed (the headboard is up against the west wall). Under my bed, I’ve got a composition notebook, and a current school book (Some days it’s my Math book, some days it’s my English book).
On the west wall is my door. My schoolbag and shoes go in a small corner where my bed and the wall meet. Above them is my only poster.

Here is a panorama I did back in March of my room. I tried a few times tonight to recreate it, but I must’ve lost the knack, because this is the best I could get for a result. I’m not sure how I did it so well acceptably last time. For a view towards my computer desk, as opposed to a view from it, here is the result from my phone’s camera.
I spent way too much time on this project. It was sunny out when I started. I’ve gone mad, clearly.

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I don’t usually link to my blog, but it’s long. Please forgive me!

My desk, my world

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Nice room, Geodude. I wish I was able to not fill up every single unoccupied space in my room. Trying to move my mouse is like playing a game of gridlock.

Here‘s my current lodging.

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Blue and tan tray ceilings in 2 bedrooms and ceiling fans in all 3. Beige carpet, nothing special w/dog stains. Very nice, large “woodwork” on top of main window, nice ceiling molding. Messy; too many DVD’s. Wood blinds; no drapes, unfortunately.
32” flatscreen on wall. Cherry furniture from 1987 is ok at best.
Great looking antique chaise with blue and white toile print with goosedown cushion; amazing antique German porcelain lamp with blue, white and pink lady with “wig” of the day and 3 of those chandelier lights. Was his grandmother’s lamp. No chips. Need new nightstand lamps; metal tole lamp is being used on one nightstand, looks out of place. Antique off white oval frame with bubbleglass holds photo of my mom and aunt when they were in gradeschool ; she had it on her wall my whole life.

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My one wall is a dark chocolate colour and the other walls a lighter beige-y type colour. My curtains are dark brown with gold leaves embroydered on them. The room is carpeted and my bed spread is also shades of brown and beige. There’s a drawers thingy there with a TV on top but no dressing table (yet). White cupboards with wood trim. Dark stained wood bedside tables and 2 dark brown floating shelves mounted a little way above the bedside tables. There is absolutely nothing on the walls! I will have to do something about that soon. We’ve only been living here since December though, so there are still plenty of personal touches to be made around the house.

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