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What movie best suits your life?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 13th, 2010

A few days ago I heard on the radio this question… The ladys answer was my big fat greek wedding because that how her wedding ended up, except she is from puerto rico. But she said it was the same concept.
I cannot figure out a movie for my life.
How about you. Which movie best follows the story of your life?

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Looking for Mister Goodbar…

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Sixteen Candles.

I was the youngest of six, so I always felt left out.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

…No, wait… um. I have to consider this some more, I think.

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@MacBean haha…I feel the same.

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Whatever movie has never been made, will never be made, or shouldn’t have been made at all.


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@DrasticDreamer…or shouldn’t have been made at all.” ...The Human Centipede? D:

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The Truman Show

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“The Man from Texas”

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Womb Raider
On Golden Blonde
Saturday Night Beaver

I’ve gotten things confused here, I think ;¬}

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Sword of Doom
Because sometimes I feel like an amoral samurai who chops people up for fun.

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@zenele – I think we all feel like we’re the star of The Truman Show from time to time…

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The Princess Bride.

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Independence Day but the Aliens are really the ones in my head and I killed them all with self-determination and self-healing.

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