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What is your excuse for stomachache in important appointment?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8212points) August 31st, 2010

Lets imagine that you have an appointment/date with someone,you attend as promised,but after a few minutes you feel that your stomach feels unusual and you need to,youknow,do it. You also left your meds at home so that is not an option for you.

Now you can only make an excuse,could be a lie or something like that but you have to make sure that it won’t embarrass yourself or make other people feel that you don’t like to meet them. What you’re going to say in this kind of situation?

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be honest. tell them you arr not well.

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Tell them you’re not feeling too well, rearrange another meeting and excuse yourself.

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@All What if they ask “What’s wrong?” What you’re going to say then?

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@Doctor_D I have an upset stomach

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I’d tell them i had a bad stomach-ache and tell them i had to leave.

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@All But don’t you think that would embarrass yourself? Or even worst,make them feel that you just make an ‘excuse’ in the context you don’t like to meet them?

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@Doctor_D I’d rather embarrass myself than be caught out at a later stage with a Lie

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Excuse me, this is frightfully naughty of me I know, but I seem to have gotten a nasty dose of the shits.Got to go take a dump.We’ll do lunch soon yah. Call me, choi darling!! :¬)

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Runny intestine(short and sweet)!

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That I’m not feeling well , and I have to leave.

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“Please excuse me, but the Browns are getting awfully close to the Super Bowl.”

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^^ Cleveland, that’s one shitty town :¬}

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Say nothing when you leave but when you return waft your arm behind yourself and announce “Phewee, I’d give that 10 minutes!”.

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I would simply tell them I don’t feel well.

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I have a stomache. Perhaps, it’s the flu.

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You have to decide what level of pain that you are willing to tolerate. Does the importance of the appointment justify the pain that you’ll have to go through. If the pain is too great then you don’t need to make up an excuse not to attend the appointment because you already have a valid one.

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