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Have you ever had a bad landlord?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 5th, 2010

What made him or her bad? What did you do about it? I sued mine. I won. Small winnings but won. She had to put the washer and dryer back on the premises.

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Yup. The place was falling apart and there were several serious health hazards, but she didn’t do anything about it no matter how many times I asked. I spent several months flushing the toilet without the handle. I called once asking for another copy of my mail key, and she called me the “c” word. I just moved, it wasn’t worth it to me to sue her.

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I used to have a kickass flat on the top two floors of an old house. Large, beautiful, kept really nice…The only downside was my drunk of a landlord who had surround sound lived below me. He would turn up HEART and get super drunk and pass out around 11pm and not wake up until 4 or sometimes 6am and turn off the music at which point he was very loud and sometimes would yell at things in his place and thrown things around.
I just pretend that, that part of my life is a David Lynch film.
I had to threaten to kick his ass before we finally decided to call it good and leave. He came up the stairs twice drunk making a mistake of where he lived, telling my since he owned the house that my place was also his… The first time I got upset the second time I was livid, literally dragging him back down stairs and in to his place.
Now when ever I hear Heart it makes me wanna kill. It’s like the action soundtrack to my secret life. If the shit ever hits the fan you’ll know because I will be blasting Heart’s, Magic Man and I’ll be sporting two guns and a few swords with a Daft Punk helmet. All thanks to my ex-shit head of a landlord.

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@judochop After reading that, I now hate Heart!

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Yeah, they (landlord’s family) used to come into my cabin when I wasn’t home and leave stuff (like old, smelly fish) in the fridge and freezer. They let my cat out and it was killed by their pack of dogs. The only heat was a wood stove made out of an oil drum with lots of rust holes. The bedroom/living room would be freezing and in the kitchen I would have to use a hotpad to open the refrigerator, which was next to the woodstove. The toilet bowl was held together with clear packing tape. When I moved, at first he said I couldn’t get my deposit back because of the fish smell in the freezer (from their fish). When I threatened to call the health department because of the toilet, then he wanted to give me a 2-party check. When I refused that he said he couldn’t cash it, either. He then gave me a check on his account, and I immediately took it to the bank and got cash. Whew!

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He owned the property but I owned the mobile home. He would come to my house and tell me he didn’t want me to hang around certain people on the next street because he didn’t like them. I ignored him for a long time. One night he came at 11:30pm with a cop and told me that I had one week to move my home out because I continued to be friends with the people he didn’t like. Even with the cop there, I told him to kiss my azz and stay another month without paying him lot rent then moved.

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