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What movie(s) can you think of which you don't think most of the other fluthers would recollect?

Asked by Ben_Dover (4208points) September 12th, 2010

Like Paint Your Wagon, or Attack of the Killer Tomtoes…

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Once Bitten . A very early Jim Carrey movie (before Ace Ventura). It’s about a bunch of sex-obsessed high school kids and a vampire who is desperately seeking the blood of a virgin to retain her youthful looks, and it’s hilarious. My all-time favourite comedy.

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Threads – but then it was a BBC film made straight for tv, so perhaps I’m cheating…!

It was incredibly powerful stuff when it was first shown, and they had a five-minute long warning given by a very serious BBC presenter before it.

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@downtide and @harple, I remember both movies quite well. THREADS was a brilliant film, even better than an American movie on the same subject made the same year (THE DAY AFTER, I think it was called). I was so affected by both these films that I wrote an empassioned letter to the editor of a newspaper saying how important I felt it was that people see these movies about nuclear holocaust. It was published.

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Has anyone seen LAJETEE, a an amazing 28-minute black and white science fiction film constructed almost entirely from still photos. It tells the story of a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel and won the Prix Jean Vigo for short film.

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Oh. I’ve thought of another one. The Price of Milk which I got because of it’s connection with a couple of the Lord of the Rings actors (I’m a big Karl Urban fan). It’s very low budget, and it’s a very strange and surreal story that I still don’t really understand, but it’s a beautiful insight into New Zealand life. I think only Kiwis are likely to know about this one though.

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(The only movie I’ve seen that was mentioned in this post so far is Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.) I’m not sure how many lesser known films I have viewed… my shot in the dark guesses would be: My Beautiful Laundrette (mm, Daniel Day-Lewis…), Sneakers (great all-around cast in this comedy), or Disco Pigs (a low-budget Irish film featuring a young Cillian Murphy.) Depends on the diversity of film goers we have here.

I like this question… it could expand my list of to-watch films.

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@muppetish Sneakers was a fabulous Redford movie. With Akroyd and Sidney Poitier? !!!
@ucme OMG, I actually saw Watermelon Man! Godfrey Cambridge was too cool.

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@Ben_Dover That’s the one! Not to mention David Strathairn was fantastic as Whistler and the film is host to one of my favourite River Phoenix moments (“That’s not easy, what I just did!”) And there’s a hilarious cameo from James Earl Jones at the film’s end.

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@muppetish Tha’s right, River Phoenix. Didn’t he die sometime after this movie? Dang, his death ruined an excellent movie career.

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@Ben_Dover Yes, it was one of his last (I believe one of his last better known films was The Thing Called Love. I have yet to see that one.) It’s such a shame. He was a beautiful spirit and a talented young actor.

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@muppetish Death puts the kibbosh on a lot of wonderful careers. He was talented and beautiful and he was going far in the world.
Joaquin Phoenix took up some of the slack!

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Speaking of River, I’ll bet very few people have seen Dogfight., the one where some young guys about to leave for their military service have a contest to see who can pick up the ugliest girl they can find. Lily Taylor played a “dog”.

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I’d love to see an old TV movie called “Shooter” that was on in the 80’s. It was about a photographer in the Vietnam War and it always held a special place in my heart.

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I believe this is the “Shooter” I remember:

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“La Meglio Gioventu`”, a six-hour epic about the lives of two brothers and their families. Great movie, but you don’t really want to watch it more than once.

“Manon of the Springs” is another long-runner. Good (if sad) story, with a twist at the end that puts “The Sixth Sense” to shame.

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A Patch of Blue – Sidney Poitier
Blackboard Jungle
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
The UFO Incident
To Sir With Love
A Summer Place

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