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What is the most popular PHP framework available?

Asked by camertron (2117points) September 16th, 2010

I’ve been looking into PHP web frameworks ever since being introduced to Python/Django. Some people say that PHP is in itself a framework, but I don’t buy that. There are too many handy things a framework like Django does for you that makes it so you don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” every time you start a new project. The website compares the features of many of the existing PHP frameworks, but what I really want to know is this: which one is the most popular framework and why? What makes one framework superior to another? Why do some of the frameworks not support templating? What do you, the Fluther community, use for your own projects and why?

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I’m lazy and will just answer the last question. I use CakePHP when I need too since I’m familiar with it and it gives me the least problems out of the ones I have used. But I avoid them and usually just do everything from scratch.

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Yes, I believe CakePHP is the most widely used. CodeIgniter is nice too.

But why are you switching from Django? :)

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I remember hearing Rasmus recommend CodeIgniter to someone at a Yahoo! hack day.

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I’m not a programmer, and I’ve heard of CakePHP. I’d say that’s popular.

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@Vortico I’m not switching from Django! I’ve just been introduced to it. It’s really a nice framework and one that I think is pretty darn powerful. I like PHP as a language better than Python, so I thought I would check into frameworks to make my programming life a little easier.

Thanks for the suggestions for CakePHP and CodeIgniter, everyone. I’ll check them out!

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”... I like PHP as a language better than Python…”

head explodes


CakePHP could almost be called “PHP on rails”

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I personally prefer soldering and wiring IC chips to an ethernet jack and mailing them to my web hosting company. (Just kidding, Python is my language of choice.)

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Oh, and PHP is a framework of C. Database extensions, mathematics features, string processing, easy web server integration, etc. were added. But since the syntax is so unlike C, you may never have to think about that.

Some may argue that since PHP is a scripting language instead of compiled, it is an interpreted language. I agree with that as well, but this is only terminology.

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@Vortico I was referring to web frameworks, but your point about PHP being a framework of C is well made. You know, MVC and all of that good stuff…

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Hey @johnpowell why do you do everything from scratch?

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