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LOTR fans: which female character would you like to be or to take home with you?

Asked by Jeruba (51065points) September 25th, 2010

This is the second of several questions (here’s the first) intended for fans of the Peter Jackson film trilogy.

If you don’t like the movies, that’s just fine. In that case please don’t feel compelled to answer.

Assuming you’re female (or willing to imagine it), which of the female characters would you be?

Assuming you like women (or imagining that you did), which of the female characters would you like to snuggle down with?

The corresponding question about males is here.

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Easy. I’d be Arwen Evenstar.

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Ever since I first read the books, my favourite female character was Eowyn. She rocks.

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Here’s a good way of finding out. For the record & for what it’s worth, I came out as Rosie Cotton, Hobbit of the Shire :¬)

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If I were a female character in The Lord of the Rings, I would want to be Eowyn. Whom do I fancy more? Arwen Evenstar. It’s difficult choosing between Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett, but I think a relationship with Arwen would be better than Galadriel.

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@downtide, would you want to be Eowyn or be with Eowyn? I think that says more than simply naming a favorite.

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Well I guess that blonde archer chick was pretty hot. Legolas I think.

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@Jeruba I’d want to be with her.

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Galadriel, as more fully developed in all three of the Tolkien stories she appears.

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I would totally get busy with Eowyn. I can’t resist a chick with that much fire in her belly.

I’d also probably be her. Too bad there aren’t more female characters to choose from.

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I’d choose to be Eowyn. And if I were a man I imagine I’d be attracted to her, although Galadriel is hard to resist and Rosie Cotton has a charm that’s missing in all the others.

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@Jeruba Rosie is the quintessential girl next door.

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I would most definitely be Eowyn. When she went to battle and took Merry with her, she proved herself to be both the bravest and the most understanding of the female characters. Also, she killed the Witch King of Angmar which was amazing. I feel like I’d be the woman to make that distinction. “I am no man.” /stab/

@Jeruba: You just like Galadriel because she’s Cate Blanchett. ;)

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Now that you mention it, there was that certain lady that I would quite like to invite round for a nice time.

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I haven’t read that series since the 70’s…..I don’t remember all the characters!

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@Dutchess_III, I think the OP wants to know based on the movie. Have you seen it? I llike Galadriel. She faces temptation and emerges victorius. Plus she is able to walk around outside and not get her feet dirty. How does she do that?

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I would like to be Eowyn. She’s a fighter.

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because two legs to shave just aren’t enough ;)

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@Trillian, all the dirt in Lothlorien is clean dirt.

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Figures. ;-)

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I would want to be Galadriel.

I’ve already lived the life of the underappreciated daughter, and Faramir of the movie is a huge whiner, so Eowyn is out. And Arwen is pointless and one-dimensional, even though she does get Aragorn in the end.

I’d totally settle for Celeborn (who is still OMG smokin’) to get Galadriel’s wisdom and power, and to have the opportunity to sail off to Valinor.

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I’d want to be Eowyn, although I’m probably more like Rosie Cotton (except for having 13 kids). Eowyn kicks ass, has a sword and uses it to kill the Nazgul and Witch-king of Angmar, is the only woman in the trilogy to ever wear pants, and gets a great guy. I also used to have a thing for Aragorn before deciding Faramir was better.

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Judging by the first two movies (I’ve not yet seen the third, and I’m in the process of reading the books), I would want to be Galadriel. She’s beautiful and I quite liked her character.

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