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Care you share your Halloween recipes?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (26784points) September 30th, 2010

Punches (preferably alcoholic), hors d’ oeuvres, snacks, baked goods… anything. The spookier (or gross looking), the better.
We’re having a Halloween party this year and I’m not sure what to make.

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@marinelife thanks, I love the meringue bones! I was hoping for tried and true recipes, but this is a great link. :)

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I’d been planning for the past year to make stuffed peppers using orange bell peppers. Then cutting out eyes and stuff to make it look like a pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern. I probably won’t, now, but I think it’d be interesting to see.

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Eye of newt & tail of toad
Will have them puking in the road :¬)

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@TheOnlyNeffie Then go for it and take a picture for me :)

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Alcoholic Hot Chocolate


-Orange Chocolate link
-orange liqueur link


1.) Heat Milk on low heat
2.) Melt chocolate
3.) stir in chocolate into milk
4.) Mix in orange liqueur
5.) Drink

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You can make (or buy) a cheese ball and decorate it to look like a goblin. Serve with crackers!

I think it would also be funny to get a small pumpkin and carve it so the face looks like it’s puking. Put it in the middle of a big tray with spinach dip coming out of the “mouth” and crackers or bread for dipping. Disgusting!!

You can also make a pot of stew or chili and top it with cooked orzo pasta, then call it Maggot Soup.

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Cute ideas, I love these. :)

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@TheOnlyNeffie Well i’m assuming mine is excluded from the cuteness. I mean, double barf syndrome!

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If you have a good sized Asian market in your area, look for a beverage labeled Basil seed. I poured this into shot glasses with a little bit of vodka and called it “frog egg shots” one Halloween and people are still talking about them, totally convinced that they were frog eggs. The drink tastes pretty good, BTW. I found a version in honey that I added a honey liqueur to, also.

(I’m not sure what this is, but it looks cool!)

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