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Do you have Oktoberfest where you live?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) October 3rd, 2010

It’s a big German festival . I do. I am so love going. I can’t wait to eat weinerschnitzel and drink beer. Chow down on potato cakes and get grooving on the dance floor. I am german so I feel alittle connected. I am thinking about joining the social club they have here.

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I think that pretty much every locale has them. If nothing else, it’s a reason for advertising! Enjoy a dance for me.

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@MissA Thanks your not going? You should it’s whole lot of fun.

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I may drop in for food and merriment…but, I don’t have a dance partner.

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Have dance partners find you!

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Not here, although German Christmas markets are becoming popular throughout the UK.

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We do, but it’s not as big as the other “ethnic” festivals around here. Not anywhere near as big as the St. Anthony’s Festival, that’s the Italian festival, that’s the big one and not as big as the Polish or Greek festivals and, for better or worse, not as big as Punkin’ Chunkin’.

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Punkin’ Chunkin’????

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@MissA Yes, Punkin’ Chunkin’. Can’t say it fills me with pride, but it is what it is, and my home state is it’s mother. And you only have about a month to put everything else in your life aside and make arrangements to make your way here in time to fully enjoy it. Only happens once a year, don’t miss your chance!

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Wow. I don’t know what to say. You can borrow my state that week. I can only guess how that got started!

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@MissA I don’t know but I think it arose from an unholy brew of a handful of rednecks with too much time on there hands and a fair amount of alcohol who found themselves with a bumper crop of pumpkins and several barns and garages full of spare auto and tractor parts.

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I think so

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Yes, my area has a decent German population and there are Oktoberfests all around. I live just over an hour away from Milwaukee that has a close to the real deal as you can get. I visited Germany and Milwaukee replicates that atmosphere with authentic atmosphere with food and beer that is the real deal! Yum Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, Gem├╝tilchkeit! Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit!

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Yup. Cincinnati has alot of people of German descent. We also happen to love our beer!

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Yes, we had the second annual one here. Not as good as the real one in M├╝nchen, but it was good. I’ve notice Oktoberfests are becoming more authentic. I remember when in the U.S., Oktoberfest was just an excuse to get drunk without any connection to the original event. Kind of what Cinco de Mayo is now.

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I live in a little town called Cullman, Alabama. We were founded by a German Colonel. Last I checked we are the only DRY Oktoberfest in the country. It’s ridiculous lol Our little town looks forward to it all year though :)

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Yes. They have it this weekend but due to surgery a little over a week ago I didn’t attend this year. Hubby is part German too.

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No but they have events for Irish, Polish and Ukranian people. They have Heritage Day events as well, being I live in a former coal mining area. I have no desire to attend these events (nor the time anymore). When I was a kid it was different I guess.

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Yes, the original is 3½ hours from where I live.

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@mattbrowne Yeah,I was thinking, you live in Germany, there’s got to be, at the very least one very near you, if not the one somewhere close to you!

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@lillycoyote – No. The term ‘Oktoberfest’ is protected. It can’t be used in Germany outside of Munich. Here’s a list sorted by number of visitors.

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