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What would you do if you were Invisible for one week?

Asked by AmWiser (14927points) October 6th, 2010

You’re going to be invisible for 1-week. So describe the first thing you would do if you suddenly found out that you were invisible? And how would you spend the rest of the week while invisible?

Mind you, you do have on clothes that are invisible too. I wouldn’t want you to suffer the same fate as the Invisible Man – 1933

I can’t decide what I would do, so I would like to hear your thoughts:~).

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It’s time to find out how the celebrities REALLY live…

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I’m jumping on the first plane to Istanbul, and riding the Eurail for free all the way to London, then hopping over to Ireland. I’ll figure out how to get home later. ^_^

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Two words: bank vault.

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duh, make people think they’re schizophrenic.

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I’m going to stand behind as many politicians as is humanly possible when they are giving a speech. Do you know what i’m going to do next? Well i’ll tell you. I’m going to ”keg” each & every one of those suckers. For those unaware, it means to yank their trousers/skirts down to their ankles. Naturally I would also tweak simply thousands of women’s nipples. Well, I couldn’t possibly resist!

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If I were invisible / then I would just watch you in your room…

I guess we know what Clay Aiken would do.

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My mind immediately went in the gutter. I’m sure that say something significant about me.

But I second the bank vault idea.

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I would go to New York and see Broadway shows, films and concerts for free and feed myself from the kitchens of the city’s finest restaurants without ever having to ask “Do these invisible pants make me look fat?”

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If you’re invisible, and you eat something, can everyone see it going down? getting chewed up, sitting in your stomach? How long does it have to digest before the food is invisible too? Or does it stay visible all the way through…? :-x

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@downtide Good question. I guess I should get some clarification on that before I start sneaking into those restaurant kitchens.

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I would mess with my sister for a week straight.First thing I would do is “pants” her at the grocery store XD

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Take the train or riverboat down the Mississippi to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.

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I’d listen to my boss talk privately for about an hour then I’d go and listen in on a group of coworkers for about an hour. After that would be a trip home to shadow my partner until the next morning to see what he does when he’s alone, who he talks to and what about. The rest of the week I’d stow away on planes and do as @lillycoyote, I’d eat in the best places I could, sneak into concerts, plays, amusement parks, etc.

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@Neizvestnaya You do understand that the whole “what my partner does when he’s alone” thing is a bell that can never be unrung, don’t you? If you find out that what he does is watch Jerry Springer and chew on his toenails can you handle that? :-)

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I would sneak into the White House and jump on Lincolns bed for a few…roll a few frames of bowling…sit at O’s desk with my feet up….and then get on hot line to Biden and mess with his head. I would then change my avatar to a pair of floating sunglasses and go to work and tap everybody on the shoulder for the rest of the week!

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—@lillycoyote: I do know how critical this discovery could be but I’m set the marry the man so I’ve got to know if there are scarier things than booger picking, making faces at himself in the mirror and binge eating to worry over._

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@Neizvestnaya O.K. And you are initially planning to spend a relatively brief part of your “invisibility window” checking him out, although that could change, depending on what you observe. It’s not like your first thought was to have your invisible self stalk him for the entire week.

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@lilycoyote: Ha ha, no way, I’d like to spend the time doing really fun stuff instead.

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@Neizvestnaya Yes, after your response to my comment, I realized that the “partner watching” accounted for such a very small portion of the activities that you had planned for the week that I really shouldn’t have been concerned. And… I thought about the amusement park thing too until I considered the possibility that being invisible might not be the same thing as being astral or consisting entirely of spirit and that my invisible self could just as easily plummet to its death from the top of a speeding roller coaster as my non-invisible self. I’m kind of a scaredy cat, a woos, I’ll admit it, when it come to those things. That’s when I opted for the cultural tour of New York:-)

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@Pied_Pfeffer & @lucillelucillelucille I’ll meet ya down there!

I’d drive to the airport and hop on a plane to Hawaii! (cliche, I know) I visualize it everyday. sigh So what if people looked at my car strange or if I got pulled over? They’d never believe their own eyes, or they’d think I just slipped out of the car secretly. ....but just being off work for a week would be so nice.

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@lillycoyote: Most rollercoasters auto lock down restraints rather than individual ones and since we’d still be solid in our invisibility then we’d be okay to take vacant seats. I think it would be fun to put on a hat, glasses and clothes to drive my car with no face showing.

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@Neizvestnaya LOL. That reminds me that I need to get batteries for my Christmas earrings. I have a pair of earrings that are little Christmas tree light bulbs, about an inch high or so and they blink on and off. During the holidays I like to wear them at night, when I’m driving around in my car. I really have no idea what the effect is, but I like to think that oncoming traffic at least sees the disembodied blinking and some of them think: what the hell is that? What can I say? I’m easily amused.

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You know, actually did an article ruining super-power fantasies, and one of them was invisibility—the only real way to become invisible is to bend light around yourself, so no light would be entering your eyes, effectively rendering you blind. Either you’d look like a pair of floating pupils at best, or you wouldn’t really be able to spy on any showering women. Hate to break it to you, invisible perverts.

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@Hobosnake Party pooper. : – ) Take your science elsewhere, please, if you don’t mind. We are currently enjoying our irrational fantasy world. If we either wanted or needed you to relieve us of our ignorance we would have asked. And since your source is, I’m using the term “science” loosely. :-)

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@Hobosnake: C’mere, I got this super-power fantasy pump action water gun to show ya

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@Hobosnake You might want to take @Neizvestnaya up on her offer. I’m a straight woman and even I will tell you that she’s pretty hot! Just saying you might want to think about it.

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@lillycoyote @Neizvestnaya sorry, my invisibility rendered me blind.

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Find Osama bin Laden?

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I saw a show where they use cloth with led or something and project the background images so you blend in and essentially become invisible no blindness included

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@angluv78 Welcome to Fluther!

@mattbrowne I am now convinced that you are visionary.

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@angluv78 pictures or link to source, or it ain’t so.:D~
Welcome to Fluther!

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@lilycoyote: I just had another bizarre idea! I’d put on my bathing suits one by one and make a video of myself doing Homer Simpson dances. You know, something to leave behind when I’ve passed and my friends and/or family open my Dorian Gray room of secreted objects.

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