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What is your favorite season?

Asked by remambermee (442points) October 9th, 2010

I love all the seasons for many different reasons, but I think summer is my favorite because I love the heat, sun, sweat, and water (: So what’s yours and why?

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For me it’s autumn.

The weather cools down, the Fall Classic, NFL football, and the foliage changing colors (thankfully some people saw fit to interrupt the palm tree monotony of LA by importing some deciduous trees here).

I like our winters about the same though, because that’s when we get the most rain and some snow on the mountains to the north and east.

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Yes. I’m totally in the autumn camp too. I love the way the air feels and smells. I love getting to wear sweaters. I love when the leaves turn. Don’t like raking them up but that’s the price you pay.

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I prefer spring, I think it’s lovely after the long, cold winter to see the daffodils, and other flowers comming up and in my country the lambs start appearing too, and I love them.

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Football season… that’s not it, Wabbit season…...uhuh, that not right either. I know, winter! Yeah good old snowy christmasy winter :¬)

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the air is dry and clear like crystal
the sound of grunts and clashing pads
anticipation of the world series
and hopefully none of those hanging chads

at the market the farmers bring their apples
and the stands are painted bright with every color
the cider is crisp and never hard
the pumpkins adorn nearly every yard

that is time that pleases my spirit
no dank humidity to weigh me down
if anyone says gain, I shall not hear it
for me, this season is this year’s crown!

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There are only two seasons in my country so I don’t have much choice. They’re summer and rainy season but I prefer summer since I feel healthier in such warmer condition.

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Football games. Leaves changing colors. Brisk, cold air. Tea and hot cocoa. ‘Smores by the fire. Cuddling up in cozy blankets.

What could be better?

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Early Fall.

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I love autumn, the air has started to chill and the scent of chimney fires gives me goosebumps. There is much anticipation of traipsing through pumpkin patches and going trick-or- treating. The harvest moon is a beautiful sight to see. Time to watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin! What kinds of vegetables shall I roast? Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, rutabagas? Gotta pull out Grandma’s pie crust recipe and start thinking about making gingerbread.

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Um Autumn has to be my favorite because like Bryan1946 said NFL season starts.

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Fall for the 1 hour extra sleep. And a ton of video games come out too. Plus when the first cool day hits it reminds me that winter is coming next and winter means snow, which also means snow days…

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I love the fall as you get hot days, cold days even frost basically a little bit of everything….but the best part is you get the autumn leaves and great weather for hiking and boating!!

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Fall is my favorite season. Such ideal temperature, and Halloween!

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ugh…Halloween, my anti-holiday. The only holiday I can’t smorg out on, blasted diabetes…

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Fall.Lucky for me it’s here. I love fall harvest., cooler weather, and the holidays.

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summer. i have no blood

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