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What are the best nuts and seeds to eat, and why?

Asked by Carly (4360 points ) November 3rd, 2010

just wondering which ones are more nutritious.

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Raw Almonds they are alkaline based.

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Pistachios are delicious. They are also the nuts that are highest in anti-oxidants and polyphenols. They have no cholesterol too.

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OMG pistachios!<3<3<3
they are the best and I am actually craving some at the moment.

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Brazil and hazelnuts!

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Here’s a link from the Mayo Clinic that talks about nuts and why they are good for you. Their top picks are walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pecans and macadamias.

Now I’m getting hungry!

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Walnuts and Pecans

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@Thesexier Yay! Now I want some too!

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When I was a kid, my dad built me a trundle bed in the alcove in my room. My favorite thing to do was to curl up with a Nancy Drew and eat pistachios. I would drop the shells in this little space between the rounded edge of the mattress and the square edge of the wooden frame Dad built. When we moved and Mom pulled out the trundle bed to clean—my family was amazed at the sheer volume of the little shells! I LOVE pistachios!

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This isn’t the most healthy option (Actually it’s probably the least), but I’ve been completely addicted to these chocolate covered almonds. I eat way too many a day. ;)

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In terms of seeds, pumpkin seeds are very nutritious.

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Chia seeds are incredibly nutritious and full of omega 3s. They are as good for you as flaxseed but much easier to eat (best is to soak them in juice or milk—they turn into awesome little balls like you get in bubble tea).

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Good link @Kardamom, very informative.

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@marmoset I have been reading a lot about chia seeds lately. The only reason I haven’t tried them yet, is because the packages I’ve seen have been pretty expensive. I’m hoping that they will catch on and that you’ll be able to get them relatively cheaply at Trader Joe’s or elsewhere.

I eat ground flaxmeal everyday. Because I’m a vegetarian, flaxmeal is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid and it’s a very good source of fiber too, if you know what I mean ; -)

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Peanuts are the highest in protein, but harder to digest. Pistachios are the lowest in fat. Pumpkin seeds are good for yourstomach. Raw almonds and raw cashews are excellent for you. You can dip raw almonds in dark chocolate to make a heatly low fat snack. I grind raw blanched almonds to make a wonderful face scrub that leaves the almond milk and oil behind to moisturize your skin.

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