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Good podiatrist in seattle?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) May 1st, 2008

No foot problems, really, but it occurred to me that this would be a good thing to do preemptively, before I develop foot problems. I do notice that I wear out shoes quickly, and walking in such shoes can give me pain.

If your podiatrist takes UW insurance, all the better.

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I work in podiatry, but I don’t live in the area. This one looks good.
Ask them if they make orthotics. it sounds like they would do you some good.

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There is a foot doc associated with Swedish. Dr. Pepper Toomey. Nice guy. I have/had lots of foot problems following an infection. He is an orothopedic surgeon not a podiatrist, but specialty is feet. His office is in the Nordstrom tower across (ish) Madison from McDonalds.

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orthopedic surgeons are good if you have a bony problem, but they don’t usually do much for things like plantar fasciitis or Morton’s neuromas, which are muscular and nerve related conditions.. But it’s a good place to start. If your foot pain is caused by something out of scope for them, they could refer you to a podiatrist. And at least if you see Dr. Toomey, you have a good report from someone who has already been treated there. Good luck!

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