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What might be different ways to surf on gravity waves?

Asked by Rarebear (22488 points ) July 30th, 2011

Say gravity waves are measurable (they’re not yet), and we could detect gravitons. Be whimsical. How might you surf on a gravity wave?

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In an ion charged Pin Striped Leisure Suit of course!

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I find gravity waves useful to explain my clumsiness. I am always blaming gravity waves when I drop something. I didn’t mean to break the glass, I’m not clumsy, a gravity wave swept the damn thing right out of my hand. And if I trip or fall down? Gravity wave. It knocked me over. Not my fault.

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On a gravity board, silly!

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Planking it of course!

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A gravity rainbow?

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A psychedelic magic carpet.

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@lillycoyote That’s a great excuse. I’m going to use it.

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