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Does anyone make a voice, turn by turn navigation app for iPhone?

Asked by Tilden_Katz (13 points ) August 4th, 2011 from iPhone

One that directs at cycling speeds. Has an avoid highway option, and will allow me to hear directions through an earbud with my device in a jersey back pocket.

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Have you searched “voice gps” or “bike gps” ?

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Thanks for the response. I’ve tried “bicycling navigation”. I’ll try your suggestions.

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That looks great Denver. One question tho. Can I set a destination and get audible turn by turn directions at cycling speeds avoiding highways? Thanks!

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I have no idea. I just found it in the iPhone App Store App. I don’t even own a bicycle, sorry.

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just try and see what kind of apps they might have for you to try.

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Thanks again Denver. I realise I’m looking for something very specific.

I spose you don’t need GPS to find your local = )

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