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Ladies, what's the longest that you've went without washing your hair?

Asked by Jude (32042 points ) August 8th, 2011

Came back from camping. Some people didn’t wash their hair for 5 days. Craziness.

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Probably 4 or 5 days when I was a kid and sick. It is not extremely unusual for me to go two days now, but not typical either. Usually I wash it 6–7 times a week.

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Six days in hospital. It was a bigger issue for me than my two broken ribs, contusions and possible subdural hematoma.

Finally, a nurse brought me some dry shampoo.
(you went…you’ve gone)

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Seven, eight days, last spring.
No lady, though.

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I’m a dude, but I had long hair for years, so I’m going to answer this =P

I think I went two weeks once without washing it. It seemed to me that after about 4 days it reached it’s max level of greasiness, so the additional days didn’t make it much worse.

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10 days while camping in a place that water was for drinking only. And like @FutureMemory says, you kinda reach a “maximum gross” and don’t notice after that.

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1 week to 2 weeks. My type of hair isn’t supposed to be washed too often.

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I’ve gone a week while backpacking.

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2 weeks.

I was doing an experiment. Washing every day dries out my hair (it’s curly, which is prone to dryness). Washing less often is the trick and I wanted to see how often should be less often, so I went without washing it for different spans of time to see what would happen. Turns out less often for me means about every three days.

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The longest I have gone was probably a week. This was back when the natural oils were still gushing. I had to wear a scarf that last day. I forget why I let it go so long. Even when I went on a six-week retreat a few years ago and stayed alone in a cottage, I couldn’t stand it for more than four days.

The owner of the salon I go to advises stretching the intervals as much as possible. She says she tries not to shampoo more than once every four days. And her hair always looks gorgeous.

@gailcalled, yeah, the hospital…I showered and shampooed minutes before leaving the house, and even at that I was begging for a shampoo about as soon as the morphine wore off. Lying around in bed makes an awful mess of your hair. They acted all surprised and brought me a basin of water about two days later. I told them that morale is an important part of getting better, and clean hair is an important part of morale.

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Probably two or three months when I had extensions. Horrible.

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I honestly don’t remember letting it go more than 3 or 4 days, and that’s when I’ve been laid up with pneumonia and not feeling like moving. Before I got my hair cut last week, I’d wash it every other day. Now that it’s short and I’m using a ton of product, I wash it every day.

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A week or so, during my surgery days.

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I can’t remember the last time I went much more than 24 hours before washing it.

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3 weeks, when I was unconscious from a drunk driving incident.

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About 4 days while camping once. I rinsed it in water but it didn’t get an actual shampoo/conditioner treatment. Having short hair was great because I could wash it with just a wet handtowel, a sink or yard faucet.

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Three or four days when I was sick with a bad flu.

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About 7–8 days. I have thick, curly hair and progressively move from curly and down to straight and back/up throughout the week. I try to only wash my hair 1–2 times/week (which is a lot easier now that I’m pregnant and my hair is a bit dryer).

When I was in the hospital for a week, my husband showered me and washed my hair (I was far to weak and wired-up to do it myself)... it was a life highlight.

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About a week. Went camping, and I washed it in the lake the first day…I guess I shouldn’t have done that. The outcome was disgusting, my hair was all matted and weird, and it smelled like piss. I smelled like piss for the whole week haha. Ew, lake water.

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When I get a professional blowout with keratin, it lasts and stays fresh for about four days. It is well worth it when you are busy or on vacation – no hair worries!

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