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When is YouTube permanently changing to the new channel view?

Asked by Atheros (320 points ) February 12th, 2012

I’d like to know first IF they’re planning to switch all channels to the new look, and if yes, when is this going to happen?
Thank you

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I’m pretty sure it happened when they changed over.

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@Atheros do you mean the new homepage/channel look only, or the Cosmic Panda thing too? It looks like the new channel layout is being rolled out across everyone’s accounts, it’s just taking a little time to get round all of them. Cosmic Panda was entirely meh, and thankfully I believe still remains an optional feature.

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Here are the following tips it will give clear idea

1.) If you already set up your YouTube username you will see your current YouTube URL
2.) If you are setting up your YouTube username for the first time and you see a field to fill it in or suggested usernames keep in mind
3.) Your set username will become your channels permanent URL.

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