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Have you ever been an election day worker? What did you do?

Asked by wundayatta (58464 points ) November 5th, 2012

I’ve worked both inside and outside the polls. I’ve ferried folks to the polls. I’ve handed out palm cards outside the polls. One year I did something inside. That was a year of long lines and I was stuck in there until the machines were all shut down and the counts were transferred to wherever they go.

I do it because I believe that who gets elected matters. I’ve worked in Iowa, New York, PA and probably some other places. Iowa was depressing since that was 1980 and Reagan won. I was shocked. I didn’t understand how he could win. My political innocence was lost that year. Turned me into a poll junkie ever since. I don’t want to be surprised by a result ever again.

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I work every election driving the disabled and veterans to their polling place.

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I was a precinct captain in the 1976 election. I had to be there extra early to set it all up, made sure all the different steps were covered by the precinct workers, closed it at 8 o’clock and took the ballots down to the county clerk’s office. I got paid $12 for a 13 hour day.

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Yes, at every election. I sit, with a Rep. cohort, at a little table next to the registration table and cross off each voter, by party, as they sign in. In fact, I am about to leave for my shift now.

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I spent 3 years as the Judge of Elections. I was supposed to determine which ballots were spoiled, and correct other irregularities. I also had to take the ballots to the court house.

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I have worked several elections as a poll worker, once as an inspector. @zenvelo is right. You don’t get paid shit.
I also worked for a campaign, and handled phone calls at the campaign headquarters. For that, I don’t get paid.

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No, one doesn’t work elections to get rich. One does it out of a sense of duty.

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