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What type of exercise equipment should I get?

Asked by Unbroken (9397 points ) December 9th, 2013

So I cancelled my gym membership, cutting costs. So I have been using a friends treadmill, walking round the,
dipper like some locals do, jump roping, a bit of yoga. But routine is not good for me.

I have a couple of options I have been considering. One of those exercise balls, which I had before, and my cat popped but I don’t have a cat anymore, I liked the workout but it seemed like the ball was too big and the smaller one was just a tad too small.

Medicine ball, which I used a bit at the gym for abs but don’t know how to use it.

There are skates I can get, but the times are limited for free skating at our one rink due to hockey practice and kids lessons and such.

There is also swimming, the most expensive of the options. And I don’t know how to swim being fearful of water. But I would like to overcome that and learn qs kayaking I flipped more then a couple times in more challenging water or when their was a lot of debris from flooding.

The other option is rebounding supposed to be really healthy for the immune system I learned about it over a year ago but had a gym membership and low ceilings, its an 80$ investment and I may move state after 4 months here. But I could always give it away or sell it.

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Old style snowshoes. They’ll give your legs one heck of a workout.

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Any place that has stairs will afford you the opportunity for an aerobic workout. You can fill empty milk or orange juice containers with sand or gravel to use for weights or just heft large coffee cans. You can use your dog’s leash to stretch your ham strings, and you can bench press your dog (or cat. See this but consult w. your physician or vet before trying at home)

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If you already have a treadmill, a Pilates ball a couple of bands and some light weights can do just about everything you need.

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Exercise equipment? Bah… Get some kittens and turn them loose near your china cabinet. You’ll be a sweaty warn out mess in 20 minutes… I guarantee it!

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pull up bands

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Don’t buy anything new, yet!!! Please go to GoodWill or Salvation Army and look at all the exercise equipment for sale for a fraction of the cost. Most of it is in perfect shape, having spent most of its life as a clothes drying rack. You can get virtually unused treadmills for nothing. They are usually for sale next to the 42 inch Tube TVs that weight 400 pounds.

I would invest in a small pair of wrist weights (no more than half a pound each) and then try to wear them as you go about your normal day. They will make everything you do harder.
IMHO the best investment you can make is to spend 2 hours trying to find a walking/exercising partner so you can guilt each other into doing it. Put an ad in Craigslist and be as specific as you like. It costs nothing.

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You don’t need any equipment. Body weight exercises are more than sufficient. Check out for full-length free HIIT, Tabata, yoga/Pilates, and other styles of workouts you can do at home with nothing but your own body.

I got a gym membership a few months before I discovered Fitness Blender. Now I have a 2-year contract I can’t get out of and I have to make up reasons to go to the gym and burn a significantly lower number of calories than I can at home. It’s a bummer.

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Go for a nice Eliptical, and when you get bored with it you can use it to hang your bras on. lol

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@Adirondackwannabe I would love too. But my winter coat and boots are shot. My local hiking group does go twice a week. Jealous! But I wasn’t sure I’d stay all winter so I didn’t invest in good gear, now winter is half over.

@gailcalled lol so cute. I love it. My cat ia gone and I am pretty certain she would not be compliant.

@Judi I have the bands and I just might do that, I for bored of it but I could go back.

@DWW25921 lol good idea I house sit for my friends pets and that is fun.. but may be a good way to make money.

@Michael_Huntington ia that the same thing as the bands Judi was referring to?

@LuckyGuy good idea ill keep an eye out on cl and play it again sports.

@livelaughlove21 that just might be what I am looking for. Variety. I got the app but it was acting glitchy and I couldn’t sign up yet. I got rid of a few unused apps and I will try it again.

@Coloma lol or my knitting projects.

Which is where I am off too. Hopefully don’t fall asleep a double shift last night and then couldn’t wind down. Bed early tonight. Hopefully.

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@Unbroken I didn’t even know they had an app. I just use their website.

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@livelaughlove21 looks like I will be too.

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