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Any Secret Santa gift ideas?

Asked by rockfan (2441 points ) December 9th, 2013

My family does a Secret Santa gift exchange every year, and we draw names randomly out of a hat. This year, I’m going to buy a present for my cousin’s fiance. (The price limit is 30 dollars). I’ve talked to her many times during family reunions, but I don’t know alot of her likes or dislikes. And she doesn’t have a Facebook page to get any clues.

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A gift card to would cover most of your bases.

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Hey, you put this in social. A rabbit vibrator. I want to see that unwrapping.

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^ Ha! Beat me to it!

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In cases like this I try to get something perishable like flowers, food, or candles. That way if they hate it they have an out to say “it was lovely and I used it up quickly” instead of worrying that you will be offended if you never see it in their house or see them wear the scarf or sweater.

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Pez dispensers and socks wrapped up all pretty in one of those charming little bags.

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A personalized metal water bottle from LL Bean. A head torch flashlight! Or any of a dozen gizmos from REI. And socks to round it all up to the right price range.

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Winter scarves, Bath & Body Works or Body Shop Christmas gift sets, tasty treats or a Special woman musical box.

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We are doing this. I bought a jewellery box, but she’s my best friend so I know what she wanted. I normally get wine, chocolates or some smellies.

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How about some body lotion/ bath balls/etc.? Do you have Lush in your area?

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Tachikoma figurine.

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I’d spend the $30 on a bunch of little things. Some ideas: fuzzy socks, chocolate, some yummy-smelling lip balm or lotion (ask a female friend to help you choose if you’re not sure – sample-size things are a good bet in case she doesn’t care for the scent), a $5 or $10 gift card at Starbucks or someplace like that, scented candles (again, maybe just a couple of votives in case she doesn’t love the scent), a $10 iTunes card… y’know, things that most people would at least appreciate if not love. Don’t stress too much about it.

Edit: No offense intended, @Smitha, but I’d be a little creeped out if my fiance’s cousin whom I hardly know gave me a “special woman music box”.
If you want to go with something in that vein, I’d suggest the monogrammed keepsake box instead.

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Flash drives. They are about a buck a gig now and cheap to post. And just about everybody needs one. You can put a little something personal on them as well.

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I hate impersonal gifts. Can you check with her cousin… or at least run a few ideas by so that you can be as personal as possible??

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I make a really amazing salt scrub she would like. Talk to @Seek_Kolinahr. She can make you one for $30.00.

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Gift card
Wedding scrapbook
Victoria Secret lotion set
Find out her favorite perfume

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