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What is the one website that can eat all your time?

Asked by khajuria (255 points ) December 10th, 2013

Specifically, what website makes you addicted so as to want you to login three or more times a day?

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Uh.. duh.. Fluther… and maybe Amazon. I do love to window shop the books.

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Huffington Post and various tech sites. And although it goes without saying, I’m saying it—this one.

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Imgur and Facebook are my Achilles heel.

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totes Tumblr. i could live on Tumblr forever.

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Fluther of course. And Second Life Universe forum which is the best forum I’ve ever been a member of. Those are the only two that I have running constantly when I’m online.

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Pinterest. Start up an account. I dare you. Just try to visit back once in a while…

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